Sunday, 14 April 2013


Last Saturday I visited the Cake & Bake Show in Manchester. It was amazing. So many beautiful cakes; there must have been so much time spent decorating them and everyone there seemed as excited as I was!

There were a lot of cakes there that just blew me away but there were also some that made me think "wait, I could do something like that...". I've wanted to start a baking blog for a while and being there seems to have given me the push I needed to put myself out there! Because, let's face it - it's a scary thing putting yourself out in the world. "What if people don't like my baking?" "What if my cakes aren't as good as XYZ's?" "What if some of my creations don't work out?"

Well, I've finally decided that I don't care! I bake because I love doing it and I'm going to blog about it because I want to keep some sort of record of what I'm doing. If people want to read it and find it interesting then that's a bonus ^_^

I'm also realising that when I'm made redundant in September I really would like to be able to make some money out of baking. I would LOVE a job I can really get stuck into and be passionate about, and I just don't get that from office work. Working for myself doing something I really enjoy sounds like the perfect job if I can make it work. Not sure I'll be ready in time for September since I can't drive at the moment but I can at least get the ball rolling...

For anyone who has somehow stumbled upon my blog and doesn't already know me: My name is Jessie and I'll be your baker for this evening. I'm vegan so everything I make is 100% animal-free, and I have a coeliac friend so I'm experimenting with gluten-free baking as well. I do like a challenge!

Some inspirational photos from the show:

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