Sunday, 28 April 2013

Living Below The Line, followed by Carrot Cake!

This week has been a strange one for me. I took part in the Live Below the Line challenge for UNICEF, where you are meant to eat for £1 or less per day for five days. The aim is to raise awareness for those who live below the extreme poverty line (which is scaled to £1 a day to cover food, transport, housing, medicine, etc, etc) and to raise a bit of cash at the same time. So going from eating lots of fruit and veg to only having £5 to spend on a working week's shop was an experience! Not a particularly enjoyable one but I'm glad I did it. My friend and I have managed to raise £355 between us so far and we're both putting in an extra £50 on payday so I think that's quite a good result! If I do this again next year, I'm definitely planning my meals in advance and hopefully joining up with someone to share resources. For more info, please visit my profile page on the Live Below The Line website:

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Closely following living below the line, I made a carrot cake! It's my mother-in-law's birthday this weekend and apparently she likes carrot cake so that was what I went for! It worked out quite well, although I think it could have done with being a bit more moist. I used ground flax seeds again in place of eggs to veganise the recipe.

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