Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Fun

It's been a busy week this week so I've not had much time for baking!

I spent most of the week preparing for a performance of "Drifters" by Grim North Theatre - check us out on Facebook & Twitter. It went well! We have two more dates in July so if you're in the area (Halifax), come check it out!

I did still manage to squeeze in a couple of bits of baking, one of which was a birthday cake for the theatre group, as it's the 5th year it's been running:

I did have it decorated just how I wanted - iced fully in white, with a circle of blue on top with cut out stars so the white shone through. But then I tasted the blue icing and really didn't like it so I had to pull that off and improvise! I think it turned out alright to say this was a last minute change but some of the chocolate splodges are a bit too close together. I also made a mini gluten-free one for our coeliac cast member:

And then yesterday, my husband's family were coming over so I knocked up a batch of scones - I do like how quick and easy they are to make effectively!

That's all for this week - a nice short one. I hope you're all enjoying the bank holiday! (Although it seems to have started raining now... surprise surprise!)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

It's World Baking Day!

Today is World Baking Day - yay! (As if I need an excuse to bake...) Take a look at the World Baking Day website - maybe you'll be inspired :) I know there are some recipes I want to test out on there... Have any of you baked anything today?

Just something simple today - some Oatmeal Raisin Bars to take to work for snacks this week (recipe courtesy of Fat Free Vegan - mine are cashew/raisin):


I had already made a banoffe pie and a loaf of bread yesterday but I couldn't let World Baking Day pass without baking something on the day! The banoffee pie is a tried and tested recipe that tends to work well each time, and didn't fail me yesterday. The bread was a first attempt at using rye flour (in this case 50:50 ratio for rye:white), and it turned out well. I think it helped that the rye was mixed with white, as rye doesn't absorb liquid as well as white. I also added ground flax seed and olive oil to prolong the longevity but fresh bread doesn't last long enough around here to go off! Paul Hollywood has inspired me to bake bread more often... I usually think I don't have the time (even though I enjoy it) but it doesn't really take that long, provided you leave enough time for it to rise - but you can do something else while it does that!


One last random photo for today - this was my dinner last Sunday. I think it's the best pizza base I've made yet! The base didn't get soggy (which it sometimes does from all the veggies I pile on) and it had a nice thick crust to hold all the toppings on - yummy! (And yes, that's vegan cheese on there too :P )

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Quiet Week

Not much to update with this week.

I made one bake sale order - yet another loaf of banana bread! I forgot to take a photo but it ended up being posted on Instagram by the person who bought it:

I also made some gluten-free-vegan chocolate-chunk brownies for a girlie night in on Friday. They turned out well! I used my new-found gluten-free friend xantham gum to stabilise the texture, and also did a double batch in one pan so they were nice and thick. Although I must say they might have been a little too thick as they were very rich and filling! So maybe next time I'll do a normal batch in a smaller pan so that they're thick but not too filling. We'll see...

As for my next projects, I have an order for a cheesecake as part of the bake sale. I just need to know when I need to make it for and then I can finally work out how much money I've made for WWF. Then after that I'm looking for new challenges! Any suggestions are welcome!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Big Ol' Bake Sale Order

Last week was a bit mental in terms of baking!

I went to see my mum this weekend, so she had made an order for me to take down, as had my auntie and my grandparents. This meant that Wednesday evening onward was filled with baking, trying to fit it in around work, theatre group and a doctor's appointment. Fun stuff! But I managed to make everything I was supposed to make so it all worked out :)

I ended up making a total of 7 loaves (3x banana bread, 4x lemon drizzle),

36 cupcakes (6x chocolate, 6x chocolate-orange, 6x cherry surprise, 6x caramel, 12x randoms with leftover ingredients - I bought this batch!),

Luckily the batch  that had a mishap was the one I was buying!
and 7 cookies (sparkled ginger).

Busy but fun!

The bake sale is almost over now; I just have a couple of outstanding orders to fill and then I can work out how much money I've raised. Then it's on to new experiments!