Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Being a busy bee...

My blog post is a bit late this week - sorry! It's been a busy couple of weeks, involving family meals, driving lessons and BBQ's!

This year has been my sister's final year at uni, however she opted to go out for a family meal rather than going to her graduation. We had a lovely day out in Bolton Abbey - such a beautiful place. Naturally, I decided to take some cake!

The mortar boards melted a bit in the heat (it was VERY warm) but you get the idea... I've not used fondant to decorate my cupcakes before so this was a new experience! I'm reasonably pleased with the outcome but they were pretty simple...

My grandparents also requested some cakes. They wanted a mixture so I did some vanilla (flavoured with lemon or strawberry) and some chocolate (half flavoured with orange):

The meal was followed by my first ever driving lesson which wasn't half as scary as I'd thought it would be - yay! Soon I'll be able to ferry my goods around to whichever local businesses I can convince to buy them!

And then on Sunday the fun continued with our first BBQ of the year! For which I baked another Paul Hollywood bloomer:

And on Monday I had a meeting with a very nice man from the council, who gave me a lot of info about being self employed and helped me work out when it will be most beneficial to register my business - more updates another day once I've sorted through the papers he gave me!

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