Saturday, 14 September 2013

Vegan MoFo - September 14th - Date Night Indulgence

Okay so I don't know why but the last couple of days I've forgotten to take a picture of my food! I guess I've just been too eager to eat it...

Tonight was hubby's turn to choose date night, which means it was also his turn to cook - score! We had fajitas, which we have pretty regularly as its one of our favourite meals. Tonight we tested Asda's chicken style pieces and they were good. We usually use a different brand but we can't find them anywhere at the moment and the Fry's chicken style strips don't seem to work the same. Apparently the Asda ones are a little harder to cook with but they taste just as good! However, I stupidly forgot to take a photo...

So it's just a short one tonight as we're now watching Warm Bodies. Enjoy your evening folks!

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