Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Vegan MoFo - September 18th - Bread Club

So... I managed to write almost my whole post on the train, got home and took some photos for it. Went to close my music app and closed blogger instead. Without saving. ARGH! I'll try to reproduce it as best I can but there are no promises it will be good.

Tonight I did something I've never done before. I went to a bread making workshop. And I'm so glad I did. 

When I was speaking to the council about setting up my bakery from home, they mentioned a lady that had set up a community bakery called LoveBread and suggested I talk to her. So we had some conversations by email about volunteering and getting some experience (hopefully will be doing some next month), and she mentioned that there was a bread club coming up. I signed up to see if it would help hone my skills and make sure I'm doing things right. 

Tonight we made a yeasted sponge dough, which I will be baking tomorrow. Our lovely leader filled hers with blackberries and white chocolate so I'll have to find something nice to fill mine with!

We also made a sourdough starter using a slightly different method to the one I already have on the go. (Raisins instead of grapes, using white and rye flour.) We've taken these away with us to feed and then we'll compare our results next week (the workshops run for 3 weeks this time around). Mine is already a little different as there is no yogurt in it. 

I'll be honest, I was pretty scared before I went. I'd had one of those days at work where I was just fed up and wanted to go home and crawl into bed but I'm glad I went to the bread club. I met some lovely ladies and we had a nice chat while we made bread - what more could you want from an evening?

But I'll tell you what, running for the bus with a bag of bread dough is, well, an experience. After my train/bus journey, the dough ended up a bit stuck to the cling film and my starter was a bit sloshed around (although still all in the container!). So I've peeled my dough off the plastic and given it a quick re-knead; it's now in the fridge waiting to be cooked tomorrow night. 

I also shaped my sourdough (my original one). The dough has been proving in the fridge for about 24 hours, and by the time I cook this tomorrow it will have been in the fridge for about 21-22 hours - long rise hopefully means better flavour? We'll see! I'm trying two small loaves this time.

Baking really is good for your mood. I feel so much better after spending time with like-minded people and creating something. Night night!


  1. Oh, this is interesting! I've been meaning to go on a bread course for a long time, especially after reading about various people's experiments in sourdough. I think the one that started it off was in a book of food essays called The Man Who Ate Everything, which is an entertaining read though not very vegan.

    1. Sounds like an interesting book!

      I would definitely recommend it :) if you've not made bread before, it's a good introduction and if you have then its nice to see how other people do it!