Friday, 27 September 2013

Vegan MoFo - September 27th - Date Night Indulgence

Tonight was hubby's turn to provide date night so he chose to cook carbonara. It was a good choice. 

Most of his dishes contain some sort of meat substitute (he's an omni), so we often have things like 'chicken' fajitas or bolognese with veggie mince (although not so much recently since a lot of the veggie mince on the market here has recently been recalled!). Tonight it also contained some 'cheese' - something I don't think he's cooked with before as he's never really been convinced by vegan cheese. I think it's a hard one to get right; there are still some that I don't really get on with. 

The photo doesn't do the meal justice, it was very tasty!

The sauce was made from vitality, corn flour, soya cream, soya milk, vegusto 'cheese', redwoods 'ham', mushrooms, salt and pepper. From what I remember of the one carbonara I had before going vegan, it was a pretty good representation of the meal. But that was many moons ago so what o I know!? Either way, it tasted great and even he with his vegan cheese dislike enjoyed it. 

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