Friday, 6 September 2013

Vegan MoFo - September 6th - Date Night Indulgence

Once a week we have date night. It's a time when we can have a nice meal, watch a film and chill out together. So it's nice to have something a bit indulgent.

I was meant to make risotto tonight but what with needing to sort out my sourdough I decided it would eat into our evening too much if I had to stir risotto for ages. So instead we had chilli. 

We like chilli. It's an easy go-to meal that you can adapt to use whatever ingredients you have to hand. Not very indulgent though you might think. Just wait til you see the pile of nachos we had with it! And we had sautéed asparagus. Asparagus is indulgent, right? Right?

Anyway, I have a recipe for you. My chilli usually contains onions, garlic, mushrooms, peppers and kidney beans but you can swap in whatever veg and beans you have. I usually put more spice in than this but I do it by eye and taste test so play around to see what works for you. 

Basic Chilli Recipe

2 tsp olive oil
1 onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
250g mushrooms, sliced
1 green pepper, sliced
1 red pepper, sliced
2 tsp cumin
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp coriander
1/2 tsp marjoram
1/4 tsp chilli flakes
Salt and pepper
2x 400g tins chopped tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato purée
1 stock cube
1x 400g tin kidney beans

1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan. Add the onions and cook for 2-3 min. Add the garlic and cook for another minute. 
2. Add the mushrooms and cook until the water is released. Add the peppers and cook for 3-4 min. Stir in the spices, marjoram and salt and pepper. 
3. Add the tinned tomatoes to the pan, along with the stock cube and tomato purée. If it looks a little thick then stir in half a can of hot water. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat, cover and simmer for at least 15 min. The longer you leave it, the more the flavours will develop. 
4. Add the kidney beans and let sit for 5 min until heated through. Serve!

As I said, this is totally open to substitutions. For example, I had no peppers today so I missed them out and added green beans and sweetcorn at the end instead. I also used pinto beans instead of kidney beans. Oh and I almost forgot! I tried some smoked garlic in this. I found it the other day at the farm shop near work so I used it instead if regular garlic. It has such a strong smell! I'm going to use the rest in hummus and/or bread I think. 

Finally, I'm going to update you on my Sourdough September progress. The starter still stinks and I've now put some of it into a dough which needs to prove for a few hours. I'll shape it before bed and bake it in the morning. Mmmm fresh bread for breakfast!


  1. I love chilli! I've never cooked with smoked garlic though, sounds yummy. I posted a recipe too, for Thankful Thursday :)

    1. Yeah the smoked garlic smells beautiful! Definitely going to use the test in something whee the flavour will come into its own.

      Your tacos look yummy! I have been reading your blog via email but I forget to comment! Will make more of an effort :)

  2. I'm a big beany chilli fan. I've made it with TVP but I prefer just beans. This looks really good!

    1. Thanks! We used to use tesco's veggie mince as it soaks up the flavours really well (and hubby isn't vegan so it gives him a 'meaty' fix) but they don't seem to sell it any more!