Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Vegusto Review - "Chorizo" Enchiladas

A while back, I won a competition to get a free box of Vegusto cheese and blog about it as part of Vegan Mofo (mentioned here). However, my parcel didn't arrive during Vegan Mofo (September) and I've not got around to using it - until now.

I've used two Vegusto products in tonight's dinner so that I can tell you about them both in one go! So tonight we're looking at the Farmhouse Style Sausage and the No Moo Melty. Now, I have tried both of these products before. I'm not a fan of the taste uncooked - which I think is what put me off last time. However, cook them and they are completely different!

"Chorizo" Enchiladas

Chop the sausage and fry it with some non-dairy margarine and mild chilli powder to make it a bit like chorizo - yummy!

Then throw in some vegetables that need eating up (this was a bit of a leftovers tea - inspired by the fact that I found some wraps I'd forgotten about that needed using! - in this case, we had baby leeks, green beans, and a red pepper). Once the veggies are softened, stir in some passata (leftovers again - about 2/3 of a box), some spices (cumin, coriander, a little sage), tomato puree (about 1 tbsp), a stock cube with a little water, a small can of black eyed beans, and some Tabasco sauce (to taste). You can leave it to cool a little before moving on to the next step - this should help it to thicken up and means you won't burn yourself while rolling up your wraps!

Next it's time to assemble everything. Place a wrap on a plate, shovel on some filling (trying to keep it in an even line in the centre), roll wrap up and put in a casserole dish (before adding your wraps to the dish, coat the bottom in 1-2 tbsp salsa to stop the wraps sticking).

Cover the enchiladas in a layer of salsa (leftovers again!), then sprinkle with grated No Moo Melty - don't worry if it clumps up a bit. Pop in the oven (190C/175C fan) for about half an hour - or until the cheese looks melty and the enchiladas are hot all the way through.

I had mine with a dollop of vegan mayo to cool it down! (As you can see, some of the filling fell out...)


Farmhouse Style Sausage - It fried up nicely and had a good texture that held up well in the sauce. Had a nice taste and texture once cooked but I don't think I'd use it straight out of the fridge.

No Moo Melty - This had a good taste when cooked and was soft and squidgy but it didn't melt like dairy cheese does - you can see from the photos below that the cheese stayed in the same place rather than spreading over the whole enchilada, but other than that it was good. As with the sausage, I don't think I'd use it cold but it's good for replacing melty cheese on things like pizza - so long as you don't mind it not spreading. (This seems to be a common issue for non-dairy cheese though, not just for Vegusto!)

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