Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bittersweet Baking

This week's post is a little bittersweet. This week was my last week of being able to bake every day as I'm starting work at my new job tomorrow! So yay for new job and earning money but sadness that I won't be able to spend as much time baking. I was half hoping for a part time job so I could continue testing new recipes during the week as well as working but that didn't pan out. My new job does sound interesting, it's just scary starting somewhere new!

So my week in baking:

Monday - I was visiting friends in Darlington all day so no time for baking (much to their dismay!)

Tuesday - I baked a rum cake! This was based on a recipe I'd found online that I wanted to try and it worked well. Very moist and rummy, but not too overpowering. 

Wednesday - Wednesday was spent decorating the rum cake in a Halloween styleee. I like to try new things and as I don't often decorate big cakes I thought Halloween was a good excuse! The decoration was based on Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas. This is one of my favourite films! I've seen so many amazing Nightmare Before Christmas cakes online but I just kept mine simple. Maybe next time I'll attempt something more extravagant!

Here is some of the detailing around the side:


Thursday - On Thursday I made a cobbler based on a Paul Hollywood recipe but with a Greek twist (and no meat!). The baking part of this was black olive scones for the top. They were yummy but didn't rise as much as I would've liked. The recipe used whole meal flour and I wonder if that could be why it didn't have as much of a rise? We also tried the 'Dipmix Garlic' powder that I got in my most recent Vegan Package Swap. It was yummy! I had some leftover puréed silken tofu and just mixed it right in (you're meant to use soy yogurt). It's something I'd definitely think about getting again as it made a very convincing creamy garlic dip. 

Friday - I had an order to bake on Friday - woop! It was an order full of ginger to accompany a bonfire - once it was all made it smelled great! Ginger is a great smell to get you in an autumnal mood! I think there will definitely be some Ginger Christmas recipes coming up. 

Saturday - Next weekend sees the arrival of this month's Iron Cupcake competition, so I needed to practice my bake. I was pleased with the cupcakes (although I'm making some minor alterations) but I wasn't overly impressed with the icing. It tasted good but it was a bit too wet and didn't hold it's shape very well. It did firm up overnight but not enough for me to use it next week. I have a couple of ideas to test though that will hopefully remedy this. 

Sunday - I've been lazy today and baked nothing! What a waste of my last day of unemployment!

In other news, I won a sketch by Jamie Smart and it arrived this week! I love twitter competitions!

I think Jamie Smart like cats almost as much as we do! Speaking of cats, ours liked watching the lightning last night - they are weird! They weren't impressed by the fireworks though. 

So next week you will get to see my Iron Cupcake design but that is perhaps all I've have time for - boo!

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