Saturday, 16 November 2013

Iron Cupcake - November 2013 - Baked in the USA

Last Saturday saw the return of Iron Cupcake in Leeds, this time with a theme based all around American ideas. My idea was to take some popular pie flavours and transform them into a cupcake, so I made a cherry and vanilla sponge (in red and white stripes) with a blueberry "cream cheese" frosting, topped with white stars.

I was helping out on the LoveBread stall at UpMarket in Huddersfield so didn't have much time for decorating this time and stuck with a simple design. However there were some amazing creations (which you can see here ), so I'm going to have to up my game for next year! (Suffice to say I didn't win anything this time!)

Unfortunately I'm going to miss the Christmas competition but that's because I have a Christmas stall of my own that weekend! Details can be found below for anyone who would like to come and see me. There will be other craft stalks there too so fingers crossed for some good Christmas shopping!

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