Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yummy Vegan Goodness - TVK3

I love getting my monthly box from The Vegan Kind - there are always things that I've never heard of, which was what I was hoping for!

This month's box came with 7 items, most of which were food based (yay!). I've even managed to find time to try most of them before writing my blog post this time - win! This month's products contained a few surprises - quite a few things didn't taste how I would have expected. I do like surprises!

(Please forgive any cat ear shaped shadows on these photos... they were obsessed with chewing the packing stuff and wouldn't leave me alone! I'm also sorry that some of the photos are a bit on the dark side - that's what I get for taking photos after dinner when I don't get home til 6:45. I really need to start using my proper camera instead of my phone...)

So this month we have the following:

1. Beond - Organic Acai Berry Bar
2. Perry Court Farm - Air Dried Pear Crisps
3. Considerit Chocolate - Mini Truffle Bar (Orange Flavour)
4. Clearspring Organic - Dried Daikon
5. Premae Skincare - Hand & Foot Cream (unisex)
6. Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Snack
7. The Vegan Kind - Free #TVK Recipe Ringbinder (for those of us in the third month of our subscriptions)

1. Beond - Organic Acai Berry Bar

First impressions of this bar was that it wanted to be a Nakd bar. I've tried samples of other Beond bars before but I wasn't keen on trying this flavour as my experience of acai berries in the past has been that I'm not at all a fan of the flavour. However - surprise number one - I loved it! It didn't taste how I remember acai berries to taste, and was just a very berry-ish flavour. And Mr Hatter liked it, which was even more of a surprise! So while it does have similarities to Nakd bars (all natural, vegan, etc), I'd not tasted a bar quite like this before. Plus, it's 100% organic which is always nice to know. I would definitely recommend  this!

2. Perry Court Farm - Air Dried Pear Crisps

I like pears. If I had to chose between eating an apple or eating a pear, I'd usually choose the pear. But I couldn't get my tastebuds round these pear crisps. I like the idea of them. I like apple crisps. I like pears. So surely I would like pear crisps, right? Right? Nope. I don't know what it was but I just didn't like them - sorry! But this box is all about experimenting so at least now I know I don't like them!

3. Considerit Chocolate - Mini Truffle Bar (Orange Flavour)

Oh my. I have no words for this truffle bar. I gave half to Mr Hatter to sample (as I tend to do) but I secretly wish I'd kept it all for myself. It was BEAUTIFUL. I may have a bit of a thing for the whole orange and chocolate combo but honestly this was amazing. A crispy chocolate shell, filled with smooth creamy truffle. Mmmmm. This was another thing that the other half liked, which again was a surprise as he usually turns his nose up at vegan chocolate. So it must be good! Yum yum yum.

4. Clearspring Organic - Dried Daikon

I don't really know much about daikon, but luckily there is a handy info sheet stapled to the packaging so I can cook it correctly! It is apparently a good source of  vitamin C, calcium and iron. I think I'll try mine in a stir fry or maybe a noodle soup with some tofu.

5. Premae Skincare - Hand & Foot Cream (unisex)

This little pot of hand & foot cream has a lovely light scent and a smooth creamy feel. I'm going to see if it will work some miracles and make my feet nice and smooth! We shall see...

6. Landgarten - Organic Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Snack

(Spot the kitty ear photobomb!)
I was a bit dubious about how well pumpkin seeds and chocolate would go together... You know what? They're a match made in heaven! These pumpkin seeds have been air roasted and then covered in organic dark chocolate. They're so moreish, I finished the pack a lot faster than I anticipated! But they're pumpkin seeds so, you know, they're healthy... right?

7. The Vegan Kind - Free #TVK Recipe Ringbinder

This was a nice touch, as there has been a recipe card each month so it's good to have somewhere to keep them all together. Plus it's always nice when you get something to reward loyalty!

Kitten of destruction attacks!

I would definitely recommend this box scheme for new and old vegans alike, as they seem to find so many products that I've never even seen in shops before. It's a great way to sample things that you might not usually take a chance and buy for yourself. And who doesn't love getting packages??

Take a look at their website here - for £10 a month (plus £2.95 shipping), it's a bargain!

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