Sunday, 2 March 2014

Vegan Package Swap - February 2014

For this month's vegan package swap, I was teamed up with another person from Poland. I got a completely different box to the box from my last Polish swap partner, so that was nice! It's always great to see the variation of vegan products in other countries.

I got LOADS of treats in my package this month, just look at all this swag:

We've tried about half of the items so far. There was no note included this time, so this is what I think everything is, with the aid of online translation!

Savoury crispy breadstick like snacks (top right) - These seem to be made from corn! Rather interesting texture but unfortunately they had been a bit squashed in transit.

Puffed rice? - I think that's what these are (next to the above savoury snacks) - when I looked it up online it mentioned breakfast cereal. I think I might try putting these into some sort of chocolate bar or rocky road or something for some extra crunch.

Vanilla safari cookies - Again, these have been a bit squashed on the way. We've not tried these yet but I'm quite looking forward to them. They look like savoury crackers but they are vanilla flavour - I think these will be perfect for an evening watching films!

Dark chocolate with orange peel - These were yummy. At first I thought they were a little too bitter but I think that's just because I didn't get any orange peel in the first bite! I'm a sucker for the old orange/chocolate combo!

Chocolate-mint bars - These bars were like after eight chocolates, with a fondant centre. I'm not a fan of minty chocolate so I gave these to the other half. They were both gone in a day so I can only assume that they were good!

PUB crackers - These were savoury, salty cracker biscuits - like the Tuk biscuits you get in the UK. They were tasty!

Biscuits that I think are similar to digestive biscuits. We are yet to try these - it's dangerous to have biscuits in the cupboard in this house though!

Mixed nuts and raisins - This sort of thing is always good! Yum yum!

Sweeties - Unfortunately the sweets in the orange packet contained honey (I think this was a genuine mistake by my swap partner). However, as the husband isn't vegan I passed them his way...

And last but not least...

Savoury crackers - Again, a little crushed on the journey but these look like they will be good for scooping up hummus and the like.

All in all, a good box - lots of variety!

If you fancy having a go yourself and seeing what the food is like in other countries, head on over to All About Vegan Food's Package Swap Page. You don't have to be vegan to take part but all the items sent in the boxes must be suitable for vegans. It's a great way to learn about food you might not otherwise discover.

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