Saturday, 15 March 2014

Yummy Food in Leeds

I've had some lovely food in Leeds over the past couple of days and wanted to share it with you! So this will just be a short post :)

My first treat was a "Chocolate and Tonka Almond Brittle" vegan cake from Noisette Bakehouse (which I got to take away - hence the street shot!). I love that more places are starting to stock vegan cake!

The second was an impromptu lunch at Little Tokyo, which is somewhere I've seen other vegans rave about but I've never been to. So when we arrived to find Global Tribe Cafe jam-packed due to a large booking (don't worry, we'll go back there soon to spend my vouchers!), we headed out into Leeds in search of vegan friendly food. Little Tokyo was a great find - it's so much nicer inside than it looks from the street! It's such a cosy place, I could've spent a lot longer just sitting in there if we didn't have things to be getting on with!

Anyway, the first treat was the home-made lemonade (I opted for the fizzy version), which comes with a dash of lime. It was amazing! And served in a jam jar - so cute! (Apologies for the dark photos, it was mood lighting...)

The second treat was my main course - a huge pile of noodles, vegetables and tofu! Yum yum! I love it when I find menu items that I can just order without having to ask for things to be changed!

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