Sunday, 27 April 2014

Safari Event Catering (Resistanz 2014)

Last weekend, I went to Resistanz Festival with some friends. It's a great weekend - music, dancing, people-watching. The one thing that usually lets me down is the food. As the festival is held at Corporation (a nightclub/gig venue), there is not a huge amount of food there. There is usually a potato stall, an exotic burger stall and maybe one or two more - all at high prices with little to no vegan food. Due to the price, we often end up heading out into Sheffield to get some cheaper chips or something from one of the many takeaways close by.

However, this year the exotic burger stall (Safari Event Catering) had an ENTIRELY SEPARATE VEGAN MENU. I had choice! And not just one choice, there were maybe 5 or 6 options I could choose from! I didn't take any photos, so off the top of my head this is roughly what they had:

Vegan Haggis & Chips
Vegan Burger
Boerewors (Sausage)
Vegan Wrap

And it was good food!

It wasn't too expensive, considering it was a speciality stall at a festival, and I was happy to pay the price to get a decent vegan meal. It was so good, I went back to try three different things!

I started off with a Boerewors, which was very very good. There was also the option to add vegan cheese, which I did - although I think it would have been better without as it came with onions and peppers so didn't really need the "cheese".

My second dish was the Vegan Haggis & Chips, which I wanted to try as I've seen it in health food stores but never bought it. Having never had real haggis, I have nothing to compare it to but it was tasty. Probably not something I would buy to cook at home but I'd buy it from a stall again. It tasted quite similar to stuffing (which is a good thing!).

And thirdly, I decided on the last night that I was going to go back for another hot dog but when I got there they had sold out! (They had sold out of most things.) So I opted for the burger, which was also great!

So if you spot Safari Event Catering, don't assume they only do meat - they have a very good vegan menu too!

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