Saturday, 10 May 2014

Foodie Friday - May

This month's "Foodie Friday" happened a little later than usual this month due to the Easter and May bank holidays - but we got there in the end!

This time around, I only sampled the Noonshine Cafe lunch time menu (opting not to go to the Brandon Street Night Market, as we had a lot on).

The Grub & Grog Shop guys had another great menu lined up - with two vegan options! I got to choose between a hot sandwich or a stew; I opted for the sandwich (and I think I chose well!).

I can safely say I've not had carrot prepared in this way before, and it has given me a new perspective on cooked carrot! When I was younger, I really didn't like cooked carrot as it always seemed to be mushy and tasteless but the carrot in this sandwich was fantastic! I always seem to pick something from the Noonshine menu which contains a pickled item - honestly, this isn't on purpose but it is great! I had to look up what "mooli" is, and discovered that it is another name for daikon (which I had previously tried thanks to its inclusion in one of my boxes from The Vegan Kind... it's a type of radish).

The Grub & Grog guys are very helpful - one of them must have seen me struggling to eat my massive sandwich (yes, I do make a mess when I eat) and came over with a knife for me!

My lovely Friday lunch was rounded off by a piece of carrot cake made by That Old Chestnut. They are a completely vegan bakery, who provide cakes and other goodies to a variety of shops and cafes in West Yorkshire. I had previously tried their cake when taking part in the Depressed Cake Shop, and I'd been waiting for a chance to try another cake. I was not disappointed!

I would highly recommend both The Grub & Grog Shop and That Old Chestnut to anyone who wants to try some tasty food... and who doesn't, right? At a grand total of £6 for my lunch (£3.50 for the sandwich and £2.50 for the cake), I don't think you can really go wrong... Noonshine Cafe is on every Friday lunchtime at Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds, so get yourself down there!


  1. I love That Old Chestnut! I tried their cakes at a vegan fair last year and then again when I visited Leeds and everything they make is delicious.

    1. It is indeed! I ended up with another piece of cake from them a day later at the Great a Yorkshire Vegan Festival (which I've not had time to blog about yet...). Yum yum!