Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Live Below The Line

Last week, I took part in the "Live Below The Line" campaign to raise money to support people who are living below the extreme poverty line - the money my team has raised is going to UNICEF. The idea is that you get people to sponsor you for living "below the line" - so you can only spend £5 on your weekly food/drink (5 days), using no more than £1 per day in total. The people living below the extreme poverty line only have the equivalent of this amount to spend on everything - it has to cover food, drink, travel, school, housing, heating, etc etc. Luckily for us, the campaign only applies it to food and drink.

If you read this blog, you can probably see that I'm pretty passionate about food. I love food. So last week was a tough week. This is the second year I've participated in this, but it was still difficult. Living on very little money takes a lot of planning and preparation - which isn't something you feel like doing when you're tired and hungry!

Thanks to all the planning, I managed to get a reasonably nutritionally balanced diet - although I was still very tired by the end of it!

A few things I learned last week:

- cold Tesco Value kidney beans are not tasty
- bananas are amazing
- peanut butter rice pudding is easy and yummy (and I imagine even more so if you use a non-dairy milk instead of water... recipe to come??)
- Tesco Value curry powder is awful

If you would like to check out my week in more detail, you can find my Live Below The Line blog here.


  1. What an interesting challenge to take part in. I'm very aware that I spend an obscene amount of money on food these days and now I really want to challenge myself and give this a try.

    1. Yeah, it's a really worthwhile cause - makes you think about food differently, especially the first time you do it. There's a huge range of charities to choose from too