Saturday, 24 May 2014

Vegan Package Swap - April

Hello my lovelies!

I seem to have been busy recently, and so I have quite a few blogs to write... oops! I'm hoping to catch up on a few with it being the bank holiday weekend...

I thought I'd better start with telling you about my Vegan Package Swap for April (!) as I've just received the one for May.

I was very excited about my April swap, as I was paired with someone from America - and there are lots of yummy vegan things you can get in America that you can't get in the UK. I only requested one thing, which was some coconut chips that some friends had brough me back from their trip to America last year - and they were AMAZING.

So, the box contents was:

Pad Thai noodles
Liquid Aminos
Dang - Toasted Coconut Chips
Dried pineapple slices
Chicken flavour stock cubes
Fruity strips
Kale chips
Citrus sipper
Sesame spread with vanilla and almond
Field Greens smoothie mix
Dishwasher powder
Moisturiser samples

I've not managed to try all of it yet but what I have tried has been very nice!

The first things to go where the coconut chips, mixed up with some chocolate coated soya beans by Landgarten (discovered in a TVK box). Yum yum yum!

I also tried out the liquid aminos and the pad thai noodles in one go, and both were good. The pad thai noodles were sweeter than I would have made them myself but were still a good quick meal.

I also tried the sesame spread on toast, and it was quite different to what I expected! The almond bits gave it a good texture, and the vanilla meant it had a well rounded flavour. I bet you could make nice cheesecake with it if you had enough...

And I still have lot of lovely things left to try!

The citrus sipper looks interesting... the idea is that you screw it into a piece of fruit (like an orange), drink the juice and then you are still able to eat the fruit afterwards! I've also been told that this brand/flavour of kale chips is one of the best on the market... Yay!


  1. Hint received. Many packets of coconut chips coming back with us this year too.
    I think we brought you the salted caramel ones last time though...

    1. Haha it wasn't intended as a hint ^_^ whichever flavour it was you brought back, they were amazing! I'm pretty sure the label was a different colour to the ones in this box