Sunday, 8 June 2014

Foodie Fridays - Noonshine Cafe (June Menu)

Last Friday brought with it a new menu from The Grub & Grog shop at Noonshine Cafe (held at Outlaws Yacht Club). I even managed to convince Mr Hatter to go with me this month!

I went for the vegan sandwich option this time - Roast Beetroot with tamarind and crushed chickpeas, served in a ciabatta roll from Leeds Bread Co-Op. It was very tasty (although I think the carrot sandwich is still my favourite!).

The crushed chickpeas were fabulous... I am a big fan of hummus (and chickpeas in general), so I appreciate it when it's done well. This was like a chunky, well-flavoured hummus-type spread, which I would definitely get again!

I won't talk about Mr Hatter's sandwich, as he chose the meat option, but we both followed up with a slice of vegan cake from That Old Chestnut. He got a piece of chocolate-banana cake, and I had a slice of the carrot cake I had last time. However, we were so ready to get stuck into the cake that I forgot to take any photos! Sorry! Mine was as lovely as last time, and I am assured that the chocolate-banana cake was great too.

This menu is on for the whole of June, so get on down there and try something!

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