Sunday, 29 June 2014


I have another rather late post for you - surprise, surprise!

I do sort of have a reason for this one though... I wanted to wait until I had tried more things in the box before posting about it, but for one reason and another I've still only managed to try a couple of things so far! Since the next box is being shipped on Wednesday, I thought I'd better put this up now!

This month's box was full of tasty delights.

1. Ten Acre 'The Story of when the Cheese met the Onion' Crisps

These are vegan cheese and onion flavour crisps! Not only are they vegan, they are also gluten free and MSG free. It's been so long since I had cheese and onion crisps that I had no idea whether they tasted like "real" cheese and onion crisps, but Mr Hatter assures me that they did. We had them with some veggie lasagne:

2. Sativa Shakes Strawberry and Banana Protein Powder

I've not yet used this protein powder, but we are planning on having shakes for breakfast this week so I'm looking forward to using this - I'm thinking it would go well blended with a banana, some almond milk, and a handful of oats... yum!

3. Mr Organic Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

This is the item I was most excited about when I opened my box and I've still not tried it! Every time I plan to use it for dinner, something comes up and we end up having something else. I love pesto, and keep imagining different ways I could cook this - but I don't know how I'll decide which one to go with! Mr Organic's products are traceable back to the fields where it was grown, and is processed within 5 hours from harvesting. It looks lush!

4. inSpiral Raw Chocolately Superfood Bites

This is something else that I'm hoping to use this coming week. I've been trying to find healthy, tasty snacks (gotta love nakd bars and Trek flapjacks!), so this seems to fit the bill nicely! They are full of cacao, fruits, seeds, nuts and wholegrains and I can't wait to get my teeth around them. The bag is even compostable!

5. Peppy Galore Diva Toner / Refreshing Facial Spray

This toner is intended for sensitive skin, and is made of real rose water because it has been used for centureis to calm the skin and reduce redness. I have temperamental skin on my face so I'm hoping this might help to keep it under control! It smells lovely and is nice and refreshing when sprayed onto the skin.

6. Recipe Card

This month's recipe card was from Sharon at Bit Of The Good Stuff, and was for a Sunshine pizza - very apt as it was National Vegan Pizza Day yesterday! (We missed it yesterday but are having pizza tonight to make up for it, yay!)

This month's charity was The Fox Project, who help sick, injured and orphaned foxes. 10p of every box sold was donated to this worthwhile charity. I wonder who it will be next month?

There's still a little bit of time to sign up for the next box! Just head on over the The Vegan Kind's website and you too can be the proud owner of one of these boxes, for just £10 plus p&p!

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