Sunday, 27 July 2014

Vegan Ireland - Yamamori Noodles

The last restaurant I want to mention from our trip to Dublin is Yamamori Noodles.

Yamamori Noodles is a Japanese restaurant in Dublin city centre, serving a large selection of Japanese dishes with vegan and vegetarian options labelled on the menu.

This place was fantastic! I went with the intention of getting noodles (since we were going to a noodle bar...), but when we got there the vegan selection on the menu was so impressive that I ended up with something completely different.

Just be a bit wary when looking at the vegan options on the menu, as some labelled vegan on my menu contained egg. However, I'm not sure if this was due to the label colours having faded a little - as some of the vegan/vegetarian labels seemed to vary between the menus we had at our table. 

Anyway, the food I ate was fabulous...

My mum, sister and I all opted for the same meal - the Veg Bento from the specials board. This consisted of Asparagus Tempura Nori Maki (sushi), Roast Veg Curry, Tofu Teriyaki, Miso Soup, and Pumpkin Gyoza. It also came with some pickled ginger (yummy) and wasabi paste (which I didn't try). 

I had so much choice, I didn't know where to start so I started with the miso soup, which was very tasty.

The Nori Maki was lovely. I'd never had any type of sushi before but I'm glad I have now. I will definitely be having sushi again when I find a vegan option on a menu.

The Roast Veg Curry was very tasty, despite not being served with the rice specified on the specials board. However, we had so much food that none of us were bothered about the missing rice.

The Tofu Teriyaki was amazing! Great texture, great flavour, served over lovely crisp veg.

And the Pumpkin Gyoza - oh my! These were beautiful! And they were perfected by the dipping sauce that they were served with.

I would definitely recommend a trip here if you get chance!


  1. I love Yamamori, I have never tried the veg bento though, I go for the noodles. Will have to try it for a change!

    1. I'm usually a sucker for noodles but the bento was amazing!

  2. Wow, that meal looks and sounds amazing. I'd love to check out Yamamori one day.