Friday, 19 September 2014

2014 - Year Of The Vegan Box

I've said it before and I'll say it again - 2014 is a good year to be vegan. There seem to be lots of new products on the market; veganism seems to be gaining more recognition and understanding; it's so much easier to get hold of vegan food now; even a lot of restaurants are understanding the concept of veganism - and that it doesn't just mean you want a pile of lettuce.

One of my favourite things to have come from the vegan scene in the last few years is the rise of the vegan subscription box. I think it's a fantastic way to discover new products, and a great marketing tool for vegan businesses. If you're a new vegan, it can help your transition by providing you with things you may not be able to find (or even know to look for), and if you're a more established vegan it is nice to know that you can still be surprised by new things every now and then.

Also, I just love getting things through the post and getting a subscription box is like a little piece of Christmas every month!

I'm going to give you a run down of the vegan subscription packages (in the UK) that I am aware of. I imagine there are more, so if I've missed your favourite please let me know in the comments so I can give it a try!

(Be prepared - this post is a little on the long side, as I wanted to give a good enough description to each box that I have mentioned. Feel free to skip through the things you don't want to read!)

The Vegan Kind

The Vegan Kind (TVK) is a monthly "lifestyle" box, which you subscribe to.

This is my go-to subscription box. I've been a subscriber since box 1 and have never looked back. If you've read much of my blog, you will have seen the excitement with which I greet my monthly box from these lovely people. I have discovered many tasty snacks, cleaning products, and toiletries from these boxes - plus much more! There is a recipe card included in each box, and every month they donate 10p per box sold to a charity which is chosen by the subscribers. At £10 per month plus p&p for 5-8 items, I think it's a bargain! They also now offer an occasional beauty box, however I didn't try this as I don't use make up very often.


Scrummybox is a monthly snack box, which you buy each month before the set deadline.

I recently tried a "mystery box" from scrummybox, and was delighted with the contents. I like the idea of scrummybox being one that you buy each month rather than a subscription, as it means you can decide whether or not you want a box of snacks that month. As with TVK, it is £10 per month plu p&p for 6-8 items. It is purely food, so if you don't want to discover new lifestyle products (e.g. cleaning products, toiletries, etc), then it might be an idea to try this one. The emphasis is on healthier, natural products - but that doesn't mean there aren't some tasty treats in there too! I received a box of AMAZING marshmallows in my mystery box. Excuse me while I drool over the keyboard as I think about them...

Vegan Tuck Box

Vegan Tuck Box is a monthly snack box, which you subscribe to or buy single boxes.

The emphasis here is on snacks and treats - so expect things like chocolate, biscuits, sweets, snack bars, crisps and savoury snacks. They state that they try to provide hard-to-find vegan treats, which is a nice touch. I saw the Vegan Tuck Box stand at VegFest last year, but I haven't tried a box yet. They offer a range of boxes: Vegan Starter Box (£17.50 one-off), Mini Vegan Tuck Box (5-6 items, £10 subscription / £11 one-off), Subscription Box (10-12 items £20 p/month / £57 for 3 months / £108 for 6 months), Single Vegan Tuck Box (10-12 items, £22 one-off).

EDIT: I had previously stated that the prices for Vegan Tuck Box excluded p&p but I have since been informed that the p&p is free! This puts it on par with The Vegan Kind box in terms of price and yummy treats. All the photos of past boxes look yummy so I think I will get my hands on one of these one day!

Consider It Chocolate

Consider It is a chocolate company who provide a monthly chocolate box, which you subscribe to.

Having tried a couple of Consider It's chocolate bars, it is a huge test of my will power to not have signed up to this box yet. Their chocolate is some of the best vegan chocolate I've tasted (seriously, if you've not tried one of their caramel bars, stop reading and go find one now), but I'm trying to shift a few pounds at the moment and can't justify eating a boxful of chocolate every month. Maybe once I reach my target weight, I'll ease up and give myself this monthly treat. Each monthly box contains a variety of their creations for just £9.95 per month plus p&p. I am so tempted to order one right now...


Flowbox is a monthly lifestyle box with a vegan option, which you subscribe to.

Flowbox aim to deliver organic, natural, eco-friendly products which can include food, beauty and household goods. While not a vegan company, they do offer a vegan box option - the other options being Classic or Gluten-Frre. A mini vegan box is £9.95 for 5-6 items and a maxi vegan box is £17.95 for 8-10 items (plus p&p). I've not heard much about Flowbox other than the name so can't really comment, but the selections in their previous boxes look pretty good.

1066 Cake Stand

1066 Cake Stand is a cake company in Hastings who provide a monthly cake box, which you subscribe to.

You can subscribe to "Cake Club" for 6, 9, or 12 months, and you will receive 4 portions of cake (or muffins, cookies, pie, etc) per month for £8.40 plus p&p. At £2 per portion it sounds like a bargain! I've not tried one of these but after tasting their vegan honeycomb in a TVK box, I imagine their baked goods would be just as tasty. My only skepticism about this one would be that Royal Mail will deliver on time, as these are freshly baked cakes and my experiences with Royal Mail have not always been too good.

Vegan Package Swap

Vegan Package Swap is a monthly package swap service, which you opt into on the months you wish to join.

This one is a little different to the other boxes I've mentioned here, which is why I've saved it until last. The Vegan Package Swap connects vegans around the world. You pay €2.99 to be paired up each month with someone in your country or abroad (depending on what you specify), spend €15 on goodies for that person, and send it off. You will receive a box of equivalent value from the other person. You can communicate within the pairs and request specific items if you wish, or just give your partner a general idea. I have participated in a number of swaps over the past year, however I have put this on hold for now. I found that the postage was costing me nearly as much as the box contents each month and I kept being partnered with people from Poland, which meant I often received very similar boxes. (Not that there was anything wrong with what was in the boxes, I was just hoping for more variety in the countries I was paired with.) This is a service that I would like to rejoin once I have a bit more available money each month, as it is a lovely way to discover what vegans eat in other countries.


  1. Great article- lovely surprise for a Friday morning- thanks! Re fresh cake &potential posting delays: We bake the day we post, and, so far the good ol P.O. have delivered next day- if the post date falls over a weekend we adjust so nothing lurks in the posties bag over a Sunday- plus we have a no quibble refund & replace policy- so if something does go wrong, you get your money back plus a replacement! Kev & Shell, 1066 Cake Stand

    1. Ah that sounds brilliant. I think my faith on the postal service has just been shaken by bad experiences in the past! Plus I don't get home until after the post office is shut so it would be sat there for a while :(

  2. I always get super jealous reading about these things, because (to my knowledge) we don't have anything like that in Australia, and even the for ones that offer international options the p&p would be too prohibitive. I like to drool over them though, and dream about the day when I live in the US and can get in on all this sort of vegan awesomeness!

    I nominated you for a Liebster award, hope you don't mind! (

    1. Aww that's such a shame you don't have any boxes like these in Australia! Hopefully someone will realise what a hole there is in the market and start one out there!

      As for the Liebster award, it sounds like a great way to get to know other bloggers, thank you! I'll have a think about my answers / new questions and get a post written up about it soon :)