Monday, 29 September 2014

Meringue Mix Adventures

Whilst experimenting with the many many meringues that have come through my kitchen this weekend, I ended up with the jar of white goopy stuff pictured below.

Halfway through one batch of meringues, I decided that I was only going to cook half the mixture to see if having two trays in the oven affected the way they cooked. (It affected it marginally but not enough to worry about cooking two trays at once.) But that meant I was left with half a batch of meringue mix with no home.

After getting it all of my hands and tasting it (because why wouldn't I? There's no egg!), it turned out it tasted quite a lot like marshmallows! According to Mr Hatter, it tastes like vegan marshmallows - not "real" ones. Anyway, I added a bit more icing sugar and a little cornflour to thicken it up and scooped it into a jar. It's yummy! The plan is to try come back to the recipe at some point and try to make a version of marshmallow fluff. This stuff tasted great but the texture is very goopy - I want something light and spreadable for an oh-so-unhealthy spread for toast. Mmmmm...

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