Thursday, 4 September 2014

Scrummy Box - Mystery Box

2014 is a good year to be vegan. There are a lot of good things happening and a lot of new things to try.

Scrummy Box is something new I tried this year.

Scrummy Box is similar to The Vegan Kind, in that you receive a number of tasty vegan snacks each month - although you buy the box each month rather than subscribing. I've followed them on Facebook for a while but never purchased as I already subscribe to The Vegan Kind boxes.

However, I saw an offer pop up for a Mystery Box, which would be made up of a random selection of items that had been in previous boxes. I thought this might be a nice insight into the type of products that Scrummy Box send out.

As you can see, there was a good variety of products:

Cinnamon Agave Syrup
Fruity Chew Bar (Can't remember the brand as we ate this straight away!)
Beond Bar (berry) & Bite (blueberry)
Chimes Ginger Chews
Scott Farms' Sweet Potato Chips
LoveRaw Coconut & Chia Bar
Montezuma Chilli Chocolate
Sweet Vegan Artisan Marshmallows

I don't have individual photos for all the products... The agave syrup is definitely cinnamony! I used this in some overnight oats, and also in a nectarine buckle cake, and the cinnamon really shone through. The sweet potato chips were like other sweet potato crisps I've had before - which is good when that's what you're in the mood for. As for the chilli chocolate, I can't seem to get my head around that flavour. As ever, the Beond bars were very tasty - I don't think I've tried a flavour I don't like yet.

At first glance, I didn't think I would like the Chimes ginger chews. I like ginger but I find it can be a bit too fiery for me sometimes, and I thought that these sweets would be one of those times. I was pleasantly surprised. the ginger and orange combo was a strange one at first but the flavours really complimented each other and I polished off the whole bag much quicker than I probably should have done!

The LoveRaw bar had a great taste and an interesting texture. I love coconut so if you give me something with coconut in you're pretty much onto a winner straight away...

These marshmallows from Sweet Vegan Artisan were AMAZING. I've tried a few different marshmallow companies and this is hands-down my favourite. Just take a look at their website and tell me that the selection on there doesn't make your mouth water... (Please note that not all of the marshmallows on the website are vegan, but it does state in the product comments if it is vegan.) I'm going to have to buy myself some of these one month when I'm feeling flush (or put it on my Christmas list... ooooh... too early??). Here's a close up of those tasty treats:

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