Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tempeh Taco Salad Bowl (Salad Samurai)

New recipe of the week time!

Today I made the Tempeh Taco Salad Bowl from Terry Hope Romero's book Salad Samurai. This salad was immense. It was a huge salad topped with warm tempeh, encase in a crispy bowl made out of a tortilla. Immense, no?

I know the photo is a bit lousy. I'm sorry. I just wanted to eat it soooo much...
I enjoy tempeh but we don't have it very often as Mr Hatter isn't really a fan. However, he said he liked this one! This book is definitely a huge win for us.

Quick cooking times? Check
Healthy meals? Check
More importantly... Tasty meals? CHECK!

I'm so glad I bought this book and can't recommend it enough to anyone who like a huge plate of hearty salad.

And you know what else? That huge blob of dressing was made with avocado. And I ate it all - and liked it! I've decided it's the texture of avocado rather than the taste that I have a problem with...


  1. yes!! I LOVE Salad Samurai too! I have made so many amazing and easy and delicious and creative recipes from it. I made this one and we loved it too! I was too lazy for the tortilla, and just served it over lettuce, and it was still great.

    1. Yeah we nearly skipped the taco bowls as I couldn't find a decent-shaped bowl! But I thought I'd try it since it was the first time I was making the salad. Maybe next time we'll leave those out (although they were very very tasty!!)