Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What's this? What's this? Christmas boxes everywhere...

Another day, another post about a vegan Christmas box!

Today we have the Christmas edition of The Vegan Kind's monthly lifestyle box.

It's another good month, with a nice mix of food and non-food items:

Harper's Bizarre Jingle Bells Christmas Candle
Wholeplus Gingerbread Toppers
Olive Branch Gluten Free Sweet Biscuits
Teatonics Mind Awakening Yerba & Laid Back Botanical Tea
Green People Toothpaste

Harper's Bizarre Jingle Bells Christmas Candle

This candle smells amazing, I can't wait to light it! I think I'll get it going when we have our present wrapping session with The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD playing... (Did you get that reference in the blog post title??) This candle has some lovely artwork on the tin which has been specially created for this box, and it's a company from Yorkshire so that's an extra bonus! I like supporting local business!

Wholeplus Gingerbread Toppers

Way back in May, I received a Wholeplus Hot Pot with a vanilla spice topper in one of my TVK boxes, and it was very tasty - so I'm excited to try this limited edition festive topper! It's packed full of healthy, natural ingredients and smells gorgeous. I'm mixed some into my overnight oats, so I will get to try this tomorrow morning!

Olive Branch Gluten Free Sweet Biscuits

These biscuits are available in three flavours - Cinnamon, Almond & Clove, and Orange. I got the Orange, and Mr Hatter and I managed to devour these pretty quickly. They don't taste gluten free at all and have a really lovely orange flavour. They really do melt in your mouth!

Teatonics Mind Awakening Yerba & Laid Back Botanical Tea

I'm not a big tea drinker, but I will drink the occasional herbal tea every now and then. (Although I do have a box of random tea bags I've been given and not got around to drinking yet...). I imagine that if I liked teas then this would be an exciting new product, however I'm just not a tea person! I do know some tea drinkers though so I'm sure these will find a good home!

Green People Toothpaste

Now I know toothpaste isn't the most exciting product on most people's shopping lists (unless you really like toothpaste??), but I think it's great that TVK include things like this in our boxes. Personally, I have struggled to find a toothpaste that both Mr Hatter and I are happy with - we are currently using two different types of toothpaste. I'm using an aloe-based one, and Mr Hatter says it tastes too much like plants. So we'll see if this one satisfies us both!

The charity of the month this time is Soi Dog Foundation, who aim to improve the lives of cats and dogs in Thailand.

This month's recipe comes from Bit Of The Good Stuff and looks like it would be great for Christmas Day - "Red Lentil and Cashew Nut Loaf", yum yum!

If you like what you've seen, you can subscribe to your own monthly box here for a cost of £10 per month plus shipping.

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