Monday, 26 January 2015

A Very Vegan Birthday - Part Two

The second part of my birthday celebrations took part on Saturday, when my mum came up to see us and take us out for lunch.

I thought it would be nice to try somewhere new, so after a bit of research I settled on the vegetarian cafe at South Square in Thornton, Bradford. South Square is a little cobbled square, set back from the road, and houses some artist studios, a cafe, a craft shop, and a gallery.

The menu was pretty standard, with a selection of sandwiches, baked potatoes, etc, but the specials board was what really caught my eye. All the vegan options were clearly labelled on both menus.

I opted for the Mediterranean Vegetable Crumble, which was lovely. There was a nice selection of vegetables, and the savoury crumble was delicious. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo as we were halfway through a conversation when the food arrived and I just started eating! Oops!

I did manage to take a photo of my dessert though... I think it was named as a Berry Slice, and it was effectively another crumble, only sweet this time! It was gorgeous, and came with soya cream - YUM! (Again, this was the only vegan cake option but, oh my, it was a good one.)

We found the prices very reasonable, and decided that it's definitely somewhere we would like to come back to. As well as the food being tasty and good value for money, the cafe itself was a lovely place to be. It was cosy, with enough tables to make good use of the space but not so many that it felt crowded, and art on the walls. It was also nice to look around the gallery and craft shop.

I also received a lovely selection of vegan bits from my mum and sister, some of which seems to have disappeared already!

The Vego chocolate bar had no chance of lasting more than a day. I love that stuff. There was also a little bar of Ombar chocolate but that disappeared before I took the photo... And a lip balm which I had used and left on my desk, so that didn't make it into the picture either!

The white chocolate bar was very tasty, and it's one I've not tried before, It wasn't as sweet as the vegan white chocolate that I have previously tried, which was nice as they can be way too sickly. To be honest, I don't remember what dairy white chocolate tastes like (despite it being one of my favourite types of chocolate in my non-vegan days), but Mr Hatter liked it so it must be good! He tends not to like vegan chocolate that much, but he liked this one so much, we split the bar down the middle!

The Pea Aubergines are something I'm really looking forward to trying as they sound so strange. I'm imagining them to taste like tiny little aubergines, but I have no idea really. Not sure what I'll be using them in but I will think of something...


  1. That veggie crumble sounds great & your fam got you some delicious looking pressies. Happy Birthday!