Sunday, 22 February 2015

Nana-Nut Ice Cream

I was out shopping yesterday and fancied some ice cream, but knew that it would melt by the time I got home... so I made my own!

I had no idea what flavour I wanted, I just wanted something creamy and yummy. We had a few bananas left from last week so I decided to use one of them, and when I thought about what flavours went with banana, peanut was the obvious answer! You could use any nut butter here though, so pick your favourite and roll with it.

I used my banana powder from this month's The Vegan Kind box (blog to follow soon..) to give the ice cream an extra banana boost, but feel free to leave this ingredient out if you can't find any or don't want to buy any. This is the one I used:

Also, ideally you'll need to chill your coconut milk for a couple of hours before making this. Once it's been in the fridge a while, just scoop out the hardened cream from the top (this is what we'll be using) and leave the water (you can throw this away). This will give you a super-creamy, thick ice cream. Of course, you can skip this part and just use the whole can as it comes if you prefer, or can't wait!

Nana-Nut Ice Cream
Serves 4

1 large banana
2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter (or your favourite nut butter)
250ml soya cream
1 can (400g) coconut milk, chilled (see above)
1 tbsp banana powder (optional)

In a 1 litre jug, mash the banana and peanut butter together. Add the soya cream and coconut cream, and mix until smooth. My coconut cream had set so much that I needed to use an immersion blender for this part, so feel free to go ahead and use that straight away. Mix in the banana powder. Then just freeze in your ice cream maker as per the manufacturer's instructions - simple!

Feel free to try this the old-fashioned way if you don't have an ice cream maker, but I can't comment on how effective it will be as I love my little machine. Do let me know how you get on if you try it though.

N.B. - If you store any leftovers in the freezer, you may need to let it rest at room temperature until it reaches the softness you prefer, as homemade ice cream tends to harden in the freezer.


  1. That ice cream looks amazing, peanut butter and banana is a great combo! I also didn't know that you could get banana powder!

    1. I didn't know about it either until this months box from The Vegan Kind. I think I'll be trying it in a few things!