Saturday, 21 February 2015

Valentine's Day Chocolate Box (The Vegan Kind & Considerit Chocolate)

When The Vegan Kind and Considerit Chocolate teamed up to do their Christmas-themed chocolate box, I couldn't resist. When they teamed up again to offer a Valentine's-themed chocolate box, I found myself strangely devoid of will-power yet again.

I'll apologise for the photos now. We were so eager to get stuck into trying the chocolate that I didn't get chance to wait for some natural light to take photos by!

The box contained three flavoured bars, a bag of chocolate shards, and a small box of assorted truffles.

Let's start with the bars: Cranberry Crunch Bar, Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Bar, and Chocolate and Honeycomb Bar.

The crunch in the Cranberry Crunch Bar was some chopped up gluten-free digestive biscuits. This bar reminded me a lot of tiffin but in chocolate bar form. I love tiffin, so this was a hit for me!

The Raspberry Truffle Bar was very pretty, as it was covered in crushed freeze-dried raspberries, which have a beautiful colour. This bar definitely did not disappoint. I'm a huge fan of the truffle bars from Considerit Chocolate anyway, and this flavour combination worked wonderfully. I think this was my favourite of the three bars.

The Chocolate and Honeycomb Bar was also another winner! This one was Mr Hatter's favourite - he said it tasted just like a Crunchie. I've not had a Crunchie for years, but they are obviously rather different due to being a large piece of honeycomb covered in chocolate, whereas this bar was a chocolate bar with pieces of honeycomb in it. But I agree that it was very scrummy. I also LOVE that it is gold! I really like the effort that they put in to make theirs bars pretty!

As the chocolate shards are made of the same tasty chocolate as the other products, they went down quickly too. These are probably not something I would buy (because I find the flavoured chocolate more interesting!) but they are definitely a good addition to the selection boxes.

Last but not least, we have the truffles... which for some reason I have no photo of! You'll just have to guess what these heart-shaped treats looked like! There were four in the box, all different flavours - Salted Caramel, Chilli, Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry. All were delicious, even the Chilli which I was skeptical about. The Chocolate Truffle was top of Mr Hatter's list but the Salted Caramel won my vote. I love the salted caramel bar that they do and this was pretty much just a miniature version of it!

I'm so glad I managed to persuade Mr Hatter to try some this time. (He refused to try any of my Christmas box.) He has finally realised just how lovely vegan chocolate can be - yay! I think it helped that I surreptitiously bought him a Considerit Chocolate mint truffle bar for Christmas...

So, another fabulous box from this collaboration. I'm wondering if there might be an Easter one coming up...? Maybe we'll get lucky.

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