Sunday, 15 February 2015

Vegan Life Magazine Jan/Feb 2015

It's taken me so long to get around to writing this review that the new issue is already out! Oops! I actually read the magazine a while ago and planned to write the review sooner, but life seemed to get in the way.

As always, this issue has some amazing looking recipes. The one that really caught my eye was the recipe featured on the cover, for "BBQ Cauliflower Salad with Zesty Ranch Dressing". This dish has made it onto my menu for the coming week!

The other recipe that I really want to try is for the Chinese Steamed Buns, seeing as it's Chinese New Year next week. I won't have time to make them during the week, as I get home from work too late - but hopefully I'll get time one weekend. Do you have any favourite recipes when Chinese New Year rolls around?

It's not only Chinese New Year next week but Pancake Day too - wow! I'm going to have to get my thinking cap on and choose some tasty pancakes... any excuse!

In terms of articles, I really enjoyed reading about the family who adopted a few sheep whilst on holiday and ended up opening a sanctuary. It's always nice to hear about something good happening to farm animals!

I also enjoyed the article about "guerrilla art", focusing on a street artist named Dan Witz who has been creating street art with a message. This campaign was titled "Empty the Cages", and was designed to bring attention to the suffering of farm animals today. You can see how effective the images are:

While I did enjoy the magazine, I didn't find this issue as engaging as the previous two. I think it was partly due to the overwhelming detox vibe aimed at the post-Christmas market, and partly due to being the first issue I had read on my iPad. The whole detox thing isn't really what I'm looking for, as I feel we eat pretty healthily anyway but there were some interesting detox recipes that I may try my hand at. And as for the iPad... I'm a book lover, and I love having something in print to hold and read. For me, it's just not the same reading from a screen and I do think this affected my enjoyment somewhat. I shall persevere though and hopefully next time will be better, as I know what to expect from a digital magazine!

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