Thursday, 19 March 2015

Vegan Life Magazine Issue 4

Can you believe we're up to issue 4 of Vegan Life already?!

This issue was something pretty special, and by far my favourite issue yet. (Also, how yummy does that cover picture look??)

After being a little disappointed with the digital edition of issue 3, this one blew me away. Vegan Life have introduced a whole host of new interactive features for their digital version, and I absolutely loved exploring these!

Some of the features are things that simply make the magazine easier to read, such as having one article on a long page that you can swipe up/down through, swiping to turn to the next page, etc. Some seemed more aimed at being a bit of fun, like the hotspot buttons, which reveal a sort of flip card when pressed, which gives you extra information. For instance, the "touch here" buttons in the below pictures flipped the recipe around and overlaid it onto the picture. (These are both recipes that I definitely want to try!)


I think the content was a lot more relevant to me this time around too, after all the detox/cleanse/new year based articles last time. There was a good variety of topics, ranging from a vegan take on a popular health trend (I find the idea of the paleo diet really interesting, so found this article and associated recipes useful),

to a brilliant article about a raw chocolate company (which made me want to rush out and buy some of their chocolate!),

to an article that really hit me in the feels, and brought a tear to my eye (it also REALLY made me want to go on holiday to an animal sanctuary).

It was also great to see a familiar business from Yorkshire in the form of El Piano. I had my hen do in York and picked El Piano for the meal due to the lovely vegan food they do there. All my non-vegan friends seemed to love it too!

There was even an article that Mr Hatter wanted to read, showing the great things about vegan beer.

So, in my opinion, a fabulous issue! And I think you should all go out and get yourselves a copy!

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