Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bring Out The Party Cannon!!!

So this post has been waiting to be written for months now...

Way back in April, a very good friend had a very special birthday. This birthday had an awesome My Little Pony theme and I got to make the cake!!

This cake was pretty daunting, as it held a lot of "first times" for me:

1. The first time I made a 3 tier cake.

2. The first time I made vegan rice krispy treats.

3. The first time I modelled rice krispy treats.

4. The first time I transported an important cake down the motorway - super scary going up the hills where I live!

5. The first time I made a cake for a 30th birthday!

The cake was by no means perfect but I was pretty happy with the end result. And it got a good response from the birthday girl, which is all that really matters!

The cake was made up of:

Bottom layer - Chocolate Ginger Cake, decorated with Discord.

Middle layer - Lemon Cake, decorated with the "mane six" cutie marks.

Top layer - Almond Cake, decorated in the style of Princess Luna / Princess Celestia.

Very top - Gummy made out of rice krispy treats.

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