Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Here I am with yet another late blog post... oh the shame!

I am hoping to post things in a more timely manner in the next few weeks, but we'll see what life thinks about that! Anyway, on to the blog!

Box 21 from The Vegan Kind (last month's box) had some pretty interesting things in it:

DRINKmaple Pure Organic Maple Water
Ten Acre Crisps 'The Day Sweet and Sour Became Friends'
Harpers Bizarre Washing Line Candle
Ananda Foods Chocolate Marshmallow Lolly
Clearspring Roasted Seeds and Soya with Goji Berry

DRINKmaple Pure Organic Maple Water

This is apparently "100% pure organic maple water tapped directly from maple trees". Sound amazing, right?! I loooove maple but unfortunately I just couldn't get behind this. I'm not a fan of flavoured water at the best of times but I was hopefully about the maple flavour... But nope, it just didn't do it for me I'm afraid!

Ten Acre Crisps 'The Day Sweet and Sour Became Friends'

I am a big fan of Ten Acre crisps and will happily try all of their flavours. These were just as good as the others I've tried and I would definitely buy them again! Also, the names of their flavours are just so damn cute!

Harpers Bizarre Washing Line Candle

I got a Christmassy candle from Harpers Bizarre in a previous Vegan Kind box, so I was excited to see another one in this box. It smells gorgeous! And being a lucky TVK subscriber meant that I got to smell the new improved Washing Line scent before it went on general release!

Ananda Foods Chocolate Marshmallow Lolly


You can't really go wrong with chocolate covered marshmallow - especially when it's covered in brightly coloured sprinkles! And it's on a stick! Food on a stick is always better...

Clearspring Roasted Seeds and Soya with Goji Berry

I've not tried this yet (to be honest, I forgot about it - but it's out of the box now and waiting to go in my work bag!), but it sounds delicious - a mix of soya beans, pumpkin seeds and goji berries. (Although the jury is still out on goji berries... it's something about the texture...)

This month's charity was Wing And A Prayer, who are based in Scotland and help to rescue and rehome ex battery hens. 10p from every box sold was given to them to help their work.

The recipe card was another mouthwatering recipe - Vegan Lass' Mediterranean Tofu Scramble. I do love a good tofu scramble!

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