Monday, 31 August 2015


Woohoo, I'm posting a blog about The Vegan Kind in the same month that I received the box!

This month's box contained some great goodies:

Sticky Mix Free From Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
Teatonics Ruby Red Restorative Tea
iQ Orange with Wild Raspberry Chocolate Superfood Bar
Hoots Salt and Pepper Multigrain Snack
Dr Organic Virgin Olive Oil Deodorant
Beond Organic Sour Cherry Raw Bite
Beond Organic Blueberry Raw Bite

Sticky Mix Free From Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

I don't buy cookie mixes, so I don't know if this is how they usually come, but I thought the individual bags of ingredients were a great idea. The instructions were easy to follow and the mix produced some great tasting cookies! The only ingredients you need to add yourself are butter substitute and water. I used coconut oil as my butter substitute, which made the cookies spread more than I think they were supposed to but my goodness, they tasted good! I also saved some of the cookie mix to make cookie dough ice cream with... it's currently setting in the freezer so hopefully that will work!

Teatonics Ruby Red Restorative Tea

This sounds lovely and I really want to try it - what's not to like about vanilla and cacao? However, it smells too much like teat for me. Mr Hatter is looking forward to testing these out though!

iQ Orange with Wild Raspberry Chocolate Superfood Bar

First, I need to show you how cute the packaging for this chocolate is:

The chocolate itself was lovely - a great flavour combination. It was a little on the bitter side for Mr Hatter but I really liked it. Plus, it's made using only ethically-sourced pure Criollo beans from Peru - so you can feel good about buying it!

Hoots Salt and Pepper Multigrain Snack

I've enjoyed Hoots every time I've tried them, and this flavour was just great. They have a great crunch and would make a healthier substitute for crisps at snack time. They do contain palm oil but this is apparently from a certified sustainable source. (I'm still in two minds about 'sustainable' palm oil.)

Dr Organic Virgin Olive Oil Deodorant

This deodorant has arrived at just the right time! My trusty Skin Likes roll-on from #TVK11 is just about running out, which makes it the perfect time to try this new one. All the ingredients are natural and raw where possible, and contains things like aloe vera and vitamin E to be kind to your skin. I put it to the test on Saturday, when we were walking around Manchester for IVJFD - and it was definitely put to the test! It has a lovely delicate scent, and kept my armpits smelling nice all day. Phew!

Beond Organic Sour Cherry Raw Bite
Beond Organic Blueberry Raw Bite

I've mentioned Beond bars in my blogs before - they're always a great flavour and a brilliant snack choice. I love these little bites - they're a little sweet hit without being a big snack. I hadn't tried the sour cherry flavour before but I think it's my new favourite!

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