Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Vegan Birthdays are Best Birthdays

Mr Hatter recently decided to take the plunge and go vegan. (Yay, so exciting!) Anyway, it was his 30th birthday last month and his first birthday being vegan, so I wanted to show him just how good it can be.

With it being a special occasion, we finally made the trip over to Manchester to visit the amazing V Revolution. It certainly lived up to the hype. We had an array of burgers, hot dogs, and nachos - all of which I was too excited about to take a photo! I did manage to get a photo of the most important part of the meal though - the cakes!

It just so happened that we were also in Manchester the following weekend for ComicCon, so we ended up at V Revolution three times in the space of two weeks! They have definitely won our hearts.. So much so that we are heading back over there for our delayed anniversary celebrations to coincide with International Vegan Junk Food Day - I'M SO EXCITED!

If you've not heard about this event then you need to click the link above and get involved. A day dedicated to vegan junk food... how could you resist?! Even if you just cook up some hot dogs at home and post a picture of it on social media, you should take part somehow! I will be making it my mission to stuff as much vegan junk food in my face as possible - with no regrets!

Anyway, back to the birthday...

I couldn't let Mr Hatter's birthday pass by without making a fancy-ass cake. At the moment, his chocolate obsession is Vego - and rightly so! If you've not tried Vego, it's this amazingly chocolatey, hazelnutty, lush bar of goodness. So I decided to theme the cake around this.

What we have here, is a triple layer hazelnut sponge, filled and frosted with chocolate buttercream, with chopped hazelnuts coating the sides. It was  then drizzled with ganache and topped with whole hazelnuts and pieces of Vego bar. It was a monster!

I really loved this flavour combo and how it all came together, so I think I'm going to have to adapt this for sale on future stalls... I looooove hazelnuts!


  1. Yay for Mr Hatter going vegan! Nick went vegan about five years ago during our honeymoon road trip around Europe just to try it out and it stuck which is super cool. I am very excited and kinda over awed by the amount of cake in this post - I haven't eaten cake in SO LONG because it doesn't seem to be a thing in The Balkans yet (it's okay, I've been eating cookies and ice cream - all is not lost) and I would love a slice of your VEGO cake, it looks unbelievably perfect.

    1. Aww thank you! Let me know if you're ever up in Yorkshire and I'll see if I can get some to you! I'm sure all the wonderful places you're seeing makes up for your current lack of cake :)

  2. It all looks delicious. I'm enjoying vegan cakes so much more than I ever enjoyed dairy ones at the moment, I think the guilt free element goes a long way!

    1. I know what you mean! Although this wasn't entirely guilt free - there's a lot of chocolate in that vego cake!