Saturday, 26 September 2015

A Vegan MoFo Catch Up

I missed two consecutive Vegan MoFo days! I feel so guilty! I think I had pretty good reasons though...

I spent Thursday evening baking cinnamon buns for the Macmillan Coffee Morning that was held at work on Friday. They went down really well!

And then yesterday Mr Hatter and I had a long overdue date night with a mountain of food and a corny, if still reasonably creepy movie...

Also, I'm ignoring the prompts for Thur-Sat, despite there being some pretty good ones in there!


Today we went to Veg Out in Leeds for some vegan food and live music! It was £5 entry per person, which I think is pretty reasonable if you're going to be there all day and watch a few of the bands. However, the room where the bands were playing was rather small which made the music sound rather loud! Plus we didn't know any of the bands, so we didn't stick it out and spent most of our time outside where the food was. I'd recommend it if you want to go for the full day, but if you're mostly there for the food (like we were), £5 entry is a little steep.

It was definitely time for some lunch when we arrived, and we both decided to eat from Beets & Beans:

I opted for the Beets & Bean Patti and Fried Garlic Potatoes and I was not disappointed. The patty was very tasty and came in a chunk of gorgeous bread. The garlic potatoes were fantastic - I could have eaten an entire plate of them and nothing else!

We also had some amazing cake from That Old Chestnut. I had the Almond & Raspberry Tart and Mr Hatter had the Coffee & Walnut Cake. A big thumbs up on both counts!

We then ventured inside the Northern Monk building to have a drink and attempt to watch the live music, before giving up and coming back outside where it was a bit more chilled and we could actually talk to each other. I wanted to try something from all the vendors but I was so stuffed, I don't think I could have eaten anything else! So instead, we got some food to take away...

A couple of huge foccacia from Leeds Bread Co-op! Mr Hatter picked the classic Rosemary & Sea Salt, while I went for the more exotic Walnut, Apple and Squash. Unfortunately none of their sweet treats were vegan but we've had their bread before and it's always very tasty.

Also, we couldn't resist getting a couple of slices of chocolate orange tiffin from That Old Chestnut to bring home with us...

We had a very tasty day!

Today's randommofo choice goes to this Monster Eggplant Stack from Dandelion Vegan Blog. It looks lovely!