Friday, 11 September 2015

Vegan MoFo - Day 11

Today's Vegan MoFo prompt is "Focus On A Nutrient", but I've done no prep work (sorry!) so I'm going to post about a meal that was nutritious, in a very tenuous link...

Light Night Leeds is about to roll around again and I still haven't written my post about last year's event!

I love Light Night - it's great to just walk around and experience everything that's happening. We even found some great vegan food last year at Trinity Kitchen, where we started our evening. We were very lucky to arrive just before the queues formed...

I'd looked up Fresh Rootz previously, as they were supposed to be at a street food event that we went to but ended up having to pull out, so I was very excited to see them in Leeds. (My mum also raved about them when she stumbled upon them one outing.)

If I remember rightly, they were just offering one option here - Pakora Wraps. And oh my goodness, it was worth the lack of choice!

Our dinner was "rudely" interrupted by a troupe of dancing zombies, which provided some amusement... Although I must admit, I have yet to find a zombie group that tops the aerobics group we saw a few years ago!

We saw a collection of strange and wonderful installations (some tipped rather heavily towards the strange side). One of the best ended up being a pair of talking bin cats!

We also saw some fire dancers:

My favourite MoFo post of today came from twitter - it looks so yummy!

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