Sunday, 13 September 2015

Vegan MoFo - Day 13

Today I'm meant to be showing you around my kitchen for Vegan MoFo but to be honest, it's just a regular kitchen (and I'm feeling lazy). Instead, I'm going to tell you about the amazing Vx in London, where everything is completely vegan.

I'd heard a lot about this tiny shop but living so far from London, had never been - until we were in London for a gig! We made a special trip to Vx on our way back to the train station and stocked up on a ton of vegan goodies to bring back up North.

The shop itself is so cute, but manages to pack loads of different things in despite being small. The items range from clothes to store cupboard items to fresh sandwiches and cakes!

We brought home a nice range of things to try so that we can try to find the ones we really liked online at a later date. It can be a bit tricky getting hold of stuff locally. The Wheaty kebabs, Field Roast sausages and Amy's burgers were our favourite! Ooooh and the tiny Schnouggi truffle bar thing! That was amazing!

Of course, we had to sample the food while we were there. We sat at the table and chairs outside in the glorious April sunshine..

And it would be rude not to try the cakes...

If you're ever in London, it's definitely worth seeking this place out!

My favourite post from yesterday is another fantastic waffle creation form Hasta La Vegan, and from today is this mini post for a mini kitchen tour:

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