Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Vegan MoFo - Day 2

Ignoring my better judgement, I've decided to try to steamroll ahead with Vegan MoFo this year - with no plan, no theme, and no clue what I'm doing! Today's prompt is "Recreate a meal from your childhood".

Well, I already had dinner planned and I don't really have time to start baking at this time of night, however I do have a meal to show you that a lot of people will probably recognise from childhood - although I had only had it once before and that was as an adult!

This was Mr Hatter's first attempt at using aquafaba - Vegan Toad In The Hole! (Apologies for the crappy photo - it wasn't intended for the blog!)

So Toad In The Hole is basically sausages encased in yorkshire pudding batter. We used this recipe for the batter, although I think next time I'd like to lighten it up a little as it was rather heavy - perhaps that could be a future blog post. And we used Redwood vegan sausages, which are awesome. It was scrumptious.

I've still not managed to find any of this year's MoFo blogs through, which makes me a little sad, but I'm not giving up yet! I will keep trying! I did manage to find a new MoFo blog via a link that I happened to stumble across though - how good does this pasta look??


  1. Toad in the hole is one of my favourite meals ever. That looks great!

  2. Yuuuum! Toad in the hole was always a fave of mine too but I haven't had a veganised version in years - I think the aquafaba would make a huge difference to the batter texture.

    1. I've often thought about trying yorkshire pud mix but never have before! Aquafaba seems to be a miracle worker!