Thursday, 3 September 2015

Vegan MoFo Day 3 - Quick, Easy and Delicious...

Is it just me that thought today's Vegan MoFo prompt sounded a bit naughty? Just me? No, okay...

It's a quick post for a quick meal today. One of our go-to quick comfort foods is pasta, sausage and mayo (all vegan of course). This is another Mr Hatter speciality and it's oh-so-unhealthy but oh-so-good. Although not totally unhealthy today as we had peas and mushrooms in it too... that counts, right?

(Quick tip - if you want to make this even better, add grated vegan cheese while still hot out of the pan. I recommend Violife.)

Random MoFo finally seems to be up and running for this year - I managed to find a handful of new posts today, mixed in with old ones. My favourite was for this Quick and Easy Pudla. I love chickpea omelettes - although I've never heard it called Pudla before! This one looks delicious!


  1. I do a similar pasta mayo dish. So tasty! Will have to try it with cheeze!

    1. :D I think everyone should have a version of this dish in their arsenal!