Monday, 16 May 2016

Goat Cafe - Huddersfield

My mum (vegan) and sister (vegetarian) came up to visit on Saturday, so we thought we'd go out to eat somewhere that none of us had tried before. I'd heard good things about Goat Cafe a few times, so we decided to head over to Huddersfield and see what they were like.

Goat Cafe is Huddersfield's first all-vegan cafe. They use locally sourced, organic produce where possible to create freshly-made, nutritious meals. The cafe itself is nicely done out, and is a light, relaxing environments with a small number of tables so as not to be overcrowded. I also like that it's an open kitchen so you can see the food being prepared as you wait.

This was the daily menu board when we arrived:

Vegan food galore!
I love going anywhere that's 100% vegan, as it means I can order anything I fancy without having to worry about what's in it, or swap things around. It does sometimes mean I can't choose though! (It probably doesn't help that I'm horrible at making decisions in the first place...)

To start with, we ordered a round of drinks. Mine was the "Bumbleberry juice" - I couldn't not order something with a name like that! I didn't really know what to expect, but it was a great mix of berries and a beautiful colour.

Bumbleberry Juice

My mum, sister and I all ordered the "Mushroom and asparagus tortilla tarts, served with potato salad and quinoa + buckwheat salad", while Mr Hatter ordered the "Moussaka served with Greek salad and toasted bread". It turned out that they only had two portions of the tortilla tarts left, so I switched my order to a portion of Moussaka, as I was torn between the two anyway!

The Moussaka was very tasty, and the white sauce was gorgeous - which I think is what makes a good moussaka! The salad was a lovely accompaniment, and the bread was some sort of potato and rosemary creation that reminded me of the potato bread we ate in Romania - lovely!

Moussaka served with Greek salad and toasted bread

My family also had nothing but good things to say about the tortilla tarts - I think everyone was impressed that the tart shells were made out of tortillas! They must have been a popular item that day, as we bought the last two!

Mushroom and asparagus tortilla tarts, served with potato salad and quinoa + buckwheat salad

After everyone had thoroughly enjoyed their main courses, we decided it would be rude not to sample the cakes on offer.

I ordered the "Chocolate, raspberry and pistachio slice"; Mr Hatter went for the "Chocolate Orange Honeycomb Scone Slice", my mum picked the "Carrot Cake" and my sister opted for the "Date and walnut cake - 2 slices". We all also pushed the boat out and added vanilla ice cream for an extra 50p each!

Chocolate, raspberry and pistachio slice

Chocolate Orange Honeycomb Scone Slice

Carrot Cake

Date and walnut cake - 2 slices

And, being the indecisive bunch that my family are, my mum, sister and I split our cakes into three so we could sample some of each. (I also made sure to sneak a tiny piece of Mr Hatter's scone too - for review purposes obviously!)

A medley of cakes!

I really enjoyed all of the puddings that we ordered, and would happily eat a full portion of any of them! If we hadn't shared, I still think that my choice was the best - the raspberry, pistachio and chocolate combination was fantastic. But I am very happy that we decided to split them all!

Mr Hatter and I will definitely be visiting again, seeing as it's not too far away from us. We also went for a nice walk around Greenhead Park, which is just down the road. It made for a very nice afternoon out, which I would highly recommend.

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