Sunday, 18 September 2016

Goupie Chocolate

I was recently contacted by the team at Goupie to see if I'd like to try a box of their vegan chocolate. Of course, I said yes!

Goupie describe their chocolates as "A devilishly moreish chewy chocolate confection with a hint of crunch", which I can totally agree with. Their chocolates are handmade, and are based on an old family recipe. They currently offer 10 vegan flavours, 2 of which are gluten free:

Original, Hazelnut, Mint, Espresso, Lavender, Ginger, Chilli and Orange, Date & Walnut (GF), Cherry & Almond (GF)

I was lucky enough to receive a box of Hazelnut chocolates, which were totally scrumptious!

We also happened to get a box of Goupie chocolates in one of the recent monthly boxes from Vegan Tuck Box, this time getting to try the Original flavour, which were great as well!

The chocolates are a mix of chewy crunchy chocolateyness and they are totally moreish! The texture reminded me of the bottom layer of a Double Decker chocolate bar (although that may be a sketchy memory as I didn't have them very often!). I would definitely buy these again, either as a treat or as a gift for someone else.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Vegan Kind - Overdue Post #3 (#TVK34)

This is the final post in my overdue The Vegan Kind collection! Read this and then we can get onto some new reviews! (Also, I suppose this one isn't THAT late as I've not had another box yet... but it still should have been written last month!)

Follow Your Heart VeganEgg
Candy Kittens Sweet PIneapple Vegan Sweets
Landgarten Organic Dark Choco Balls
Native Unearthed Deodorant
Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs
Squirrel Sisters Coconut Cashew Raw Energy Bar

Follow Your Heart VeganEgg

I haven't used this yet, as we previously tried making scrambled egg with this product and really didn't like it. I am going to make use of this box though so keep and eye out for what I make with it! I'll probably try using the eggs in something baked rather than trying to replicate actual eggs again.

Candy Kittens Sweet Pineapple Vegan Sweets

These chewy sweets were great, Mr Hatter and I both really enjoyed them. The pineapple flavour is lovely and they come in a cute cat face shape!

Landgarten Organic Dark Choco Balls

I'm a sucker for Landgarten snacks, so I was excited when I saw these. They are chocolate covered puffed millet balls, so you get something crunchy and chocolatey and lovely with each one!

Native Unearthed Deodorant

I've not tried this yet, as I already have a deodorant on the go, but I'm always on the lookout for new natural deodorants to try. I've definitely found that some are more effective than others, so it's good to have options!

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

I really enjoyed these! The texture reminded me of wotsits, and the flavour was great. I would definitely buy these again if I was on the lookout for a savoury snack.

Squirrel Sisters Coconut Cashew Raw Energy Bar

Squirrel Sisters produce consistently tasty snack bars, and these were no exception. I love coconut snacks!

The charity of the month is OneKind, who are an animal welfare charity based in Scotland who aim to end cruelty to animals. They will receive 10p from each August box sold.

The recipe of the month is another from Bit Of The Good Stuff - Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce. It looks great!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Vegan Kind - Overdue Post #2 (#TVK33)

Here's the next in my overdue The Vegan Kind post collection - the July box!

Angelic Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut & Oat Cake Slices
Virtue Lemon Ice Tea
Yushoi Soy and Balsamic Vinegar Snapea Rice Sticks
Harpers Bizarre The Raspberry Kind Candle
Goody Good Stuff Cola Breeze Sweets
Conscious Chocolate Goji and Coconut Mini Bar
Oloves Chilli and Garlic Black Olives
Fry's Family Foods Plants of Fire BBQ Recipe Book

Something I really like about the TVK boxes is that you get a little bit of everything. It's not just snacks - you get drinks, candle, household items, etc etc. It means opening the box is exciting as there's no guessing what you'll get!

Angelic Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut & Oat Cake Slices

These were really tasty, and I wouldn't say you'd guess they were gluten free if you didn't know. They were so tasty, we ate them all in one sitting! (Oops!)

Virtue Lemon Ice Tea

If you've read previous reviews, you'll know I'm not a tea drinker - hot or otherwise - so this was passed on to Mr Hatter.

Yushoi Soy and Balsamic Vinegar Snapea Rice Sticks

I love the soy and balsamic flavour of these rice sticks, I'm just not overly keen on the pea flavour that comes through. I think it's a great idea but it's an unusual taste, so might just take some getting used to.

Harpers Bizarre The Raspberry Kind Candle

As always, this candle from Harpers Bizarre smells amazing. We were lucky enough to have a stall next to them at an event in Manchester and it smelled gorgeous!

Goody Good Stuff Cola Breeze Sweets

I think Goody Good Stuff make great sweets. These cola bottles really remind me of the cola bottles I used to buy when I was younger. The texture isn't quite as I remember but it's good enough for me!

Conscious Chocolate Goji and Coconut Mini Bar

I love pretty much any combination of chocolate and coconut and this was no exception. Lovely chocolate and full of antioxidants!

Oloves Chilli and Garlic Black Olives

I think these little handy packs are meant to be eaten as a snack but we had no olives for our pizza so threw them on there. They were great!

Fry's Family Foods Plants of Fire BBQ Recipe Book

We like Fry's products - we tend to stock up when we find them on sale. We've only managed to fit in a couple of BBQs this year and haven't yet tried any of the recipes from this book but there are some great ideas in there!

The July charity was Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue, so they received 10p from each box sold. A Scottish charity, they care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. including a 24 hour emergency service!

The recipe of the month was from Hannah Victoria and looks AMAZING - "3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cups". YUM!