Sunday, 26 February 2017


Vegan Subscription Boxes For Everyone

I've managed to write my review for the most recent box from The Vegan Kind in the month I received it - YAY!

The February box was packed full of lovely items that Mr Hatter and I have enjoyed using.

Candy Kittens and Hello Kitty Sour Apple Sweets
Simply7 Bruschetta Lentil Crisps
Human+Kind Watermelong Hand+Elbow+Foot Cream
Ombar Centres Raspberry & Coconut
Quinola Mothergrain Express Quinos and Indian Style Chickpeas
Virtue Peach and Strawberry Ice Tea

Candy Kittens and Hello Kitty Sour Apple Sweets

These are great chewy sweets, with a lovely sour apple flavour. There don't seem to be many chewy vegan sweets out there, but these ones really do hit the spot!

Simply7 Bruschetta Lentil Crisps

These crisps are fantastic! I love the texture of lentil crisps, and this flavour was great - they didn't last long!

Human+Kind Watermelon Hand+Elbow+Foot Cream

This smells gorgeous and makes my hands lovely and soft. I tend to have pretty sensitive skin, and this seems to be quite kind - so that's a bonus!

Ombar Centres Raspberry & Coconut

This is my go-to chocolate snack if I need a pick-me-up at work. I love this flavour - but then again, I don't think I've tried a bad flavour from Ombar!

Quinola Mothergrain Express Quinos and Indian Style Chickpeas

We've not tried this yet but it looks great. It will be going in one of our pack lunches for work this week!

Virtue Peach and Strawberry Ice Tea

I don't like ice tea, so Mr Hatter had this. (I did try it and still didn't like ice tea!) He enjoyed it though, and thought it was a good flavour.

The charity of the month is Scottish Animal Behaviour and Rescue Centre, so they will be receiving 10p per box sold this month. The charity is run completely by volunteers, and is a sanctuary for abandoned, maltreated, and retired animals.

This month's recipe card was from My Fruity Kitchen and sounds divine - Raspberry Chocolate Truffles! I will definitely be adding this to my list of recipes to try!

If you like what you've seen, please follow the below affiliate link to sign up. While you're there, you should definitely check our their newly launched shop - they have tons of vegan chocolate, groceries, etc available to buy - including a new chilled section!

Vegan Subscription Boxes For Everyone

NOTE: Links to The Vegan Kind in this article are affiliate links but all reviews are my own opinion.

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