Sunday, 18 June 2017

Vegan Life Magazine - June 2017

I really enjoyed reading the June issue of Vegan Life Magazine. I always look forward to the new issues, and download them as soon as possible. I usually read them pretty quickly too but it always takes a while to get around to writing the blog!

This month had some really interesting articles, ranging from information about bees and bird sanctuaries, through to a feature on a professional vegan photographer.

The cover story (with Evanna Lynch) was a really inspiring read. Her honesty about the struggles she has faced with food was refreshing, and I think she is a role model that a lot of people will get behind - especially Harry Potter fans! I can't wait to listen to her podcast!

I also really enjoyed the article "The Rise Of Conscious Brands". I find myself more and more these days trying to give my money to companies that I feel ethically aligned with and avoiding those I don't. It's still a difficult thing to do, as we don't really have any local greengrocers etc where I live - so the supermarkets are the most practical option for a weekly shop. However, I think this is definitely something that people are thinking about a lot more, and I hope to see more ethically minded companies rise in the near future.

As always, there were TONS of recipes that I want to try! These are a few of my favourites...

And of course, it wouldn't be Vegan Life if it didn't give me a bit of Wanderlust... This month's issue has added another couple of UK restaurants to the ever growing list of places I want to eat. It has also opened my eyes to Portugal as a holiday destination - not somewhere I had really thought about before!

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