Saturday, 1 July 2017

MOG'S - Awesome vegan junk food near Kirkstall Abbey

Today we trekked over to Leeds to get one of the airbags in the car replaced (due to a recall) - fun stuff. But we thought we may as well make the most of it and go for a wander around Kirkstall Abbey while we were there. Aaaaand, Kirkstall Abbey just happens to be a ten minute walk away from MOG'S, so of course we couldn't leave without sampling some of their vegan junk food...

I've been following MOG'S on social media for ages and drooling over all the lovely vegan photos, so I jumped at the chance to go. (Seriously, go follow their Instagram account - it's awesome.)

I chose the Korean Sticky BBQ Beef Sub with a side of Mac n Cheese, and Mr Hatter had the Double Cheeseburger Box Meal, and upgraded the fries to be Chilli Cheese Fries. AND we shared a portion of Deep Fried Oreos for afters!

Korean Sticky BBQ Beef Sub
Sticky BBQ beef pieces with coriander garlic mayo, pickled cabbage, sesame seeds & salad

This was brilliant - everything I wanted from an early-lunchtime-sammich. Filling, tasty, great texture, and the sauce was gorgeous!

Mac & Cheese

This was tasty, very creamy - so glad I chose mac and cheese instead of chips!

Double Cheeseburger
Two beef burgers topped with melted cheese, pickles & fried onions
Served with fries [upgraded to Chilli Cheese Fries] & coleslaw

Mr Hatter really enjoyed this - apparently "the pickles made it"!

Deep Fried Oreos

HOLY MOLY these were good. I was prepared for them to be a bit too much, but they were like little donuts with a soft oreo filling. YUM! I am glad that we shared a portion though!

This food was fantastic. Like, seriously good. The box meal Mr Hatter had was great vegan junk food, and my sub was just a straight up lovely sammich. None of it was particularly greasy - even the deep fried oreos! If we lived closer, I could see this being a regular take away joint for us... so it's probably a good thing that we live where we do!

This trip was made doubly special because we've been on a healthy eating drive for the past 4 weeks and decided it was time for a cheat day. I think we picked the perfect place! (Full disclosure, we did go for a walk down the River Aire afterwards to try to walk some of it off!)

If you do go, be on the lookout as it's only small - we almost walked past it! Also, be aware that there isn't much space to eat in - we ate at the only table (3 chairs), an then there was a sort of bar seating area with two chairs, and another two chairs in the waiting area. So be prepared that you might have to get it to go! Also, they do serve meat as well, and due to the small nature of the cafe you can smell it if they're cooking it while you're in there. But you could always wait outside if that's an issue.

Here are a few photos from our wander around Kirkstall Abbey - it's very pretty and had brightened up considerably by the time we left!


  1. Wow, all the food looks amazing! Your pictures of Kirkstall Abbey are really pretty, too!

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