Sunday, 23 July 2017

Wellaby's Simple Bakes

A little while ago, I was sent some samples of the new "Simple Bakes" snacks by Wellaby's to review. They kindly sent over three flavours - Tasty & Tangy Spicy Chilli, Pinch of Salt & Pepper, and Smoky BBQ.

Simple Bakes are wholegrain snacks which are free from most common allergens, including gluten, nuts, dairy, and eggs. They also come with the Vegan Society logo on the packet which is always reassuring when buying vegan snacks! The Smoky BBQ flavour even won Silver at the FreeFrom Food Awards earlier this year!

They were all really tasty, and had a great texture. I particularly liked the Smoky BBQ, while Mr Hatter was most partial to the Salt & Pepper. They fell somewhere between a cracker and a crisp, and would be a great healthier substitute for a packet of crisps. In fact, we took some to work in our lunchboxes!

I would definitely buy these if I was on the lookout for a good, crunchy snack - and they get bonus points for being gluten free, so everyone can enjoy them!

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