Sunday, 20 August 2017

A vegan anniversary in Sheffield

This weekend is our 6th wedding anniversary. Jeez, that makes me feel old. Anyway... Our original celebration plan was to spend an entire day eating in Sheffield, because why the hell not?? But something came up, and we could only go for the afternoon. Also, it was raining so our plans for doing something outside in between food sittings was a bit scuppered. We still went though, and ate a ton of food, and it was great.

We've been drooling over BurgerLolz on social media for ages, so that was where we picked for our celebratory meal. They offer a menu of mainly burgers and hot dogs, with a couple of other mains (like seitan ribs!), and a ton of sides. They also serve HUGE freakshakes! You can choose from seitan or beetroot burger patties, depending on your preference, and they also offer some chicken burgers.

There was so much food on the table when our order arrived, it was ridiculous. Fantastic though!

Our feast!

I ordered the All Day Breakfast Burger, and it really did have everything I would expect from a vegan cooked breakfast - on top of a burger patty! The burger patty was really tasty but quite crumbly - I ended up eating my burger with a knife and fork, as there was no way I could keep all those topping and a crumbly burger in the bun as I ate! At £7.50 it was pretty pricey, but you do get A LOT of food.

All Day Breakfast Burger £7.50
Mr Hatter opted for the Mac and Cheese Burger, which was also £7.50 and was also massive! It was topped not only with mac n cheese, but also bacon and onion rings! The mac and cheese was divine - I would definitely order their mac n cheese again. You can get it on a hot dog or as a side too, so there's no need to miss out!

Mac And Cheese Burger £7.50
Sides? Of course! We thought about getting the BurgerLolz Fries to share (which are topped with pretty much everything) but we thought better of it, as we knew we were going to have to squeeze in a freakshake afterwards. So we decided to share a portion of curly fries, which was actually completely unnecessary due to the amount of food we ended up with, but they were tasty!

Curly Fries £2.95
We wanted to try the Mozzarella Sticks but they didn't have any left, so we tried the Chicken Strips instead and oh my goodness, they were amazing. I would order a chicken burger next time we go because these chicken strips were fantastic!

Chicken Strips £5
Once we had digested a little, it was time to order some freakshakes. I mean, this is really why we came...

Mr Hatter picked the Mint Choc Chip and was super happy with how minty it was, but found that by the time he was nearing the end he couldn't manage all the minty syrup at the bottom! Be prepared for how big and sweet these are! (Seriously, I don't know how I drove home riding that sugar high...)

Mint Choc Chip Freakshake £6

I don't like mint but I do like peanut butter, so I ordered the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel freakshake and when it arrived at the table, I genuinely wondered if I would be able to finish it all. That doesn't often happen! It was really tasty and there were loads of toppings! The milkshake was super peanutty, but not as thick as I would have liked. I like my milkshakes to be as thick as possible and just about drinkable. But the flavour was spot on.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Freakshake £6

The only real downside was that the service was a bit slow. It took quite a long time for our drinks and food to arrive - I'd nearly finished my drink by the time Mr Hatter got his black coffee! When we ordered the freakshakes they arrived about ten minutes apart, which is sort of understandable as there is a lot stuck to each one - but if you were there in a group of more than two, I imagine that you'd be waiting a long time between the first and last!

While we were there, we couldn't resist popping into Steel City Cakes for some treats to bring home, as it was just next door. They had sooooo much cake to choose from! All of it is vegan and they had a ton of gluten free options.

They had an offer of 3 cake slices for £6, so of course we took them up on it and picked some cake to bring home! We also got a massive sausage and bean pasty each to take away, for when we had a bit of stomach space again. The cakes and pasties were fantastic! (We actually have some cake left that we will be having for breakfast when I finish this post!)

We will definitely be coming back to Steel City Cakes. They had an extensive milkshake menu on the wall, and a lovely little cafe to enjoy all your treats in if you choose to eat in instead of take away.

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