Sunday, 6 August 2017

Catching Up On Foodie Finds - Supermarket Treats

Time for another catch up post! This time it's various treats we have found at the shops over the past few months. There's some great stuff out there at the moment!


This two-pack of cheesecakes is gluten free and vegan! I was sceptical, as I'm not a fan (at all) of Tesco cheese, so I wasn't sure what the cheesecake would be like. It was nice though! Great to have a lovely little sweet treat!


Asda's popcorn chicken is fantastic. This isn't really a new find for us but I don't think I've posted it on the blog before so here you go! We had it with poutine and mushy peas! YUM!


I needed a quick meal at home and spotted this in Sainsbury's. I'm very glad I tried it, as it was wonderful! I added some vegan quorn pieces to give it an extra protein boost, and I would definitely buy this again.


Co Op have really upped their vegan game recently, adding some great options for the meal deal. The Sweetcorn Fritter sandwich is great and I will definitely be buying it again - it's nice to see a sandwich that's not falafel and hummus! The pasta was also really tasty! And I love that you can get edamame beans as the snack!


This stuff is like crack in a jar. Seriously. It's like eating a jar of white chocolate spread. (And yes, I did eat at least one full jar of white chocolate spread with a spoon back in my non-vegan teenage years. Don't judge me.)

I recently discovered Miiro ice lollies and oh my goodness, they are fantastic! They are like mini magnums but without the cruelty! They taste great and because they are small, they are a reasonably low calorie treat.


The Vegan Kind do MAIL ORDER DONUTS! Every Monday and Wednesday you can buy donuts that will be shipped to your house. They are tasty too! (Although the best donuts I've ever had are still the humongous ones from V Rev.) Also pictured is the rest of the stuff we bought so we could get free shipping... it didn't take a lot of convincing that we needed to make it a worthwhile shop! My favourite thing from this hall was the vegan ranch dressing - sooooo good!

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