Sunday, 8 April 2018

Eat Your Greens Preview

A new eatery opened in Leeds this week and we were lucky enough to be able to go to the preview event last Friday! 

The wonderful Grub and Grog team have teamed up with Outlaws Yacht Club to open a new restaurant which focuses on healthy food in a zero waste environment, with a focus on using locally sourced produce - Eat Your Greens. Grub and Grog have been hosting pop ups and residencies for years (one of which was actually at Outlaws Yacht Club!), so it's great to see them in their own place. I love the Grub and Grog menus because they work on the basis that everything is vegan unless otherwise stated. They do serve non-vegan food but it will be labelled (V = vegetarian, F = fish, M = meat), so if there is no label next to the dish you know it's vegan. Outlaws is a lovely chilled place to grab coffee and cake. I've never been for drinks but I bet it's a great place in the evening too!

The venue itself is lovely - very light and open. The tables are spread out enough that you have some privacy, but not so much that the place feels empty. They have a selection of smaller and larger tables - some of which come with a booth/sofa which looks like it would be great to settle into for the evening! I also love all the plants that are dotted around the place - it really makes it feel fresh inside!

We arrived at the start of the preview event, so the food wasn't quite ready but the bar was open, so we treated ourselves to a cheeky drink!

Cheeky beer and G&T

The restaurant runs a day menu and a night menu, both of which look great. The preview event was only serving the night menu - and only four main dishes from it... the vegan ones!

Day menu

Night menu

We were offered some complimentary snacks and starters, so of course we said yes! They were all very tasty. The pea hummus is made with local peas instead of chickpeas - and it works!

Roasted soya beans and wasabi peas
Bread and Pea Hummus
Potatoes & Herbs / Small Brassica Bowl
When the time arrived to order our mains, we both chose the Charred Leeks and Pea Broth, which was really tasty. Apparently this dish had the best reception at the preview event the night before as well, so I guess we chose wisely! I would love to go back and try the other options as well.

Charred Leeks and Pea Broth
All in all, we had a lovely evening there. My only complaint is that the music was a bit on the loud side. I don't know if we were sitting under a speaker or if it was just generally loud, but we both came away with a headache. Other than that, it was great! We will definitely be going back! (Also, if you're reading this, I wouldn't say no to some vegan cake / dessert if you were to add it to the menu!)

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