Vegan is not a dirty word!

The first time I tried my hand at being vegan, I enjoyed it - but after a while, I found it pretty difficult. I didn't know any other vegans, I struggled with what to eat (I was a student in a small town which meant no money and limited choice), and I felt very alone in the experience.

Skip forward a few years, and I almost accidentally became vegan again... I gradually went off eating meat, fish, eggs, cheese, until I decided I was going to make a stand and be a full-time vegan again. This time, it was a lot easier.

Armed with my previous experience; inspiration from vegan bloggers; a whole host of new information available online; and easily accessible, well priced products, I found the whole experience much better. And I can't ever imagine wanting to stop being vegan.

However, I did miss cake. Vegan cake is hard to find in shops, supermarkets and most cafes - although it does seem to be becoming more popular. So I started baking. I wanted cake and that seemed to be the simplest answer.

A good friend of mine suggested I write a blog to keep track of my baking experiments, so after a bit of persuasion I agreed and started up what you see now. It's always been a bit of a pipe dream to bake for a living, but again I was persuaded it was a good idea and so applied to get my kitchen inspected and all the other official stuff, so I can now sell my home baking. I would still love to be able to do it full time but it's a scary prospect and as it stands, we don't really have the funds to do that right now - but hopefully at some point in the future it may become a reality!

For now though, I am happy baking for myself and the occasional market stall, with any special requests I get along the way.